Britney Spears – The Trash That Took Itself Out

I never saw trash throw itself out, but did just that. She left show business as “proud” phony who has accomplished to milk everything she could out of her gullible fans, and make a fortune on it. I must admit, it was “smart” of Britney to remove herself from stage now. She finally got it; she has no talent, and no amount of hair spray will save her inadequate ass from further embarrassment. She became a national joke with her lip-synching and never-ending “genital shaking”…. Yes that is exactly what she does, and anyone who has seen her perform cannot argue otherwise.

Her shows are well choreographed stripteases with a touch of soft porn. But, no matter how much she shakes and grinds, no one is buying the albums anymore; the naïve kids grew up, and horny, old perverts have much more options these days lol. If she would have stayed for a while longer, her people probably would have probably undressed her completely, put her in porn with couple of chicks, to sell few more copies, and then would have thrown her out on the street. Instead, she did it herself, leaving as joke that she is.

Britney Spears should have never been put in show business in the first place; she can’t sing, dance or act. The only thing she knows how to do well is to “be pretty” (Although, lately she has been LACKING in that department BIG TIME.) But being pretty is not a talent, any girl could do that, and for Britney to make millions of her “looks” (or what’s airbrushed of it, we know she looks ordinary w/t make up) is just ridiculous. She is finally where she is supposed to be, sitting home and taking care of her business.

I do have to admit though; she was fun to laugh at. These past six years I didn’t even have to go to the circus, Britney was enough of a clown for me. Although, it is shameful that this “nobody” has occupied someone’s spot for so long, a spot of someone who is actually talented but is not pushy and cannot do “favors” for big executives. So, Britney dear, have fun with your rat looking husband, and save yourself some embarrassment, please STAY OUT OF SHOW BUSINESS!!!!! There are enough “mannish” looking lip-synchers (take Ashley Simpson, for example) out right now. We can manage without your “talents”, KEEP YOUR TRASH IN THE CAN! lol

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