Britney Spears – The US Knows Nothing

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Being a US citizen I have noticed that Americans no nothing about music. Everyone from the US complains about and how horrible she is now…but the rest of the world loves her right now. Her Single My Prerogative is #1 in 16 countries right now. Her CD will debut in many countries (the UK, Ireland, Japan, etc…) as a #1 hit as well. Only in the US is My Prerogative trying its hardest to creep up the chart. In the US her CD will only debut in the top 5 (which is actually good for a CD with no promotion…no other artist could pull that off!). What does this say? America has bad taste. And I’m an American! Come on…the rest of the world hates Bush too…and he is our president….we as people….need to shape up…oh and as long as she is debuting at number 1 somewhere in the world…she won’t go away.

And I am sick of people saying she is so trashy. Look at Christina Aguilera – she didn’t wear a butt on her pants when she went to a big event. Her butt cheeks just got to hang out the back. Now PLEASE…tell me how that isn’t trashy….tell me how Christina also posing nude is not as trashy as Britney posing almost nude? I don’t get this! (It just shows how America is so influenced by our flawed media- who feeds us things about people just so people will start hating that person and read more bad things about that person….real or not.)

Our music industry over here is going downhill and I am afraid to say our country will not be the great land it once was in a few years. God help us (or I’m moving to the UK!)

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One thought on “Britney Spears – The US Knows Nothing

  1. joey says:

    yea everyone is always complaining about Britney Spears – but she’s sort of placed herself in a cocoon away from the media so she invites criticism

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