Britney Spears To Be On Tonight’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’

Contributed by nellysgirl:

is supposed to appear on Entertainment Tonight today where they go behind the scenes of her Video Music Awards photo shoot. Check your local listings.

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears To Be On Tonight’s ‘Entertainment Tonight’

  1. Tig says:

    Hmmm, hopefully Britney won’t perform, we the people, are so tired of the Lip syncing, let me do a strip-tease to get your mind off the fact that I have (a) nothing important to say (b) that I’m not singing and can’t sing (c) that I’m so “sparklie” “and look at my tits and ass act”. Will someone please stand up for the real singers…… This fakeness has got to stop

    Her fans attack and hate on everyone, and they seem to not realize, that (a) she does not care about them, (b) rarely does meet or greet (c) will not give autographs (d) uses her bodyguards as an excuse not to sign autographs (e) is fake from head to toe Will somebody pull home-girl aside and be like, yo c*nt, you ain’t all that. One day Britney will realize she is human just like her fans. I saw 1st handedly, Britney walk pass her screaming fans and didn’t even look at them.

  2. blondeambiti0n says:

    Hey tig, you are such hypocrite.If anyone’s fans hate on anyone else, it’s CHRISTINA’S fans. They diss anyone and everyone because they can’t get their heads out of Xtina’s ass. Just look at the posts around here. All the Christina fans call Britney fans whores. WTF is up with that??? The Britney fans that I’ve noticed on here don’t stoop that low. And all the resentment towards Britney comes from jealousy. You guys are still pissed that Christina will never reach Britney’s level, Christina will always be in the shadow. Oh boo hoo. Accept it and move on please.

  3. FireorIce says:

    Uh hon I think Christina surpass Britney, its Britney fans who are pissed. Look at the fans are making excuses when Britney all of a sudden does nude photos, calling them classy. Why is getting critical acclaim on a album Christina mostly wrote? Basically Christina broke out of a teen pop star mold, while Britney is still lingering around whether she wants to grow up. As for Britney fans not calling Christina a ho, I suggest you Check out Christina latest post and count how many times haters mostly Britney fans call Christina a ho and slut

  4. blondeambiti0n says:

    Nope, Christina may surpass Britney in the voice category, but as far as power and popularity, Britney will always be above Christina. No one cares about Christina. Her desperate attempt to break out of that pop mold by whoring herself and calling it “female empowerment” is really old. Christina tries too hard and it’s pathetic, while Britney has a slow approach to shedding the good-girl image. And yes, compared to Xtina’s photos in Maxim, Britney’s Elle photos WERE classy. Xtina’s photos were just nasty, nothing but her a$$ crack and boobs, vulgar. That’s not classy at all. It’s SKANKY, very. Christina might as well pose for Playboy and it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if she did.

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Um, I mean like with all the teases that you Britney fans have been getting, aren’t you guys sick and tired of that? People call you names like ‘teenyboppers’, ‘immature retards’ etc… just for idolizing RABIESNEY. SO SO SAD… THANK GOD I AM A FAN OF CHRISTINA A.K.A AUDREY HEPBURN OF TODAY.

  6. blondeambiti0n says:

    ^^Um, you Christina fans get teased just as much. Quit being stupid. I’d be ashamed to be a fan of Xtina, because every time you mention her, people go “Man, she’s a whore”. I guess they’re right. I’ll stick to being a Britney fan thank you.

  7. Jeff_tNET says:

    lol woo Tig, you know your alphabet!!! *laughs* ok now get on with your life and learn something new, like that Britney can sing, if she couldn’t she wouldn’t sell so many albums. and to xtina_dirrty..I am a HUGE Britney fan, all my friends at school know it and I do not get teased at all about it, I am definitely not ashamed of being a Britney fan, everyone else, just some (like you Christina dirrty and Tig) just don’t want to admit it

  8. perfectly-imperfect says:

    Can’t wait for Thursday’s VMA’s! Time for Britney to put everyone in their place with another history making performance. I bet a certain artist in particular is sh***ing their panties at this point. It’s gotta suck to forever be in the shadow of someone else.

  9. rachel says:

    nellysgirl is a big fat liar. There was nothing about Britney on ET. They only thing the showed was clips of Good Charlotte and show where everyone is sitting on Thursday. I heard Justin might be bringing Cameron, I bet Britney is going to shed her infamous fake tears. I mean I can’t stand the dude but she should quit pretending she is the victim when she damn well knows she cheated on JT. How can you love someone and be with another person, that is just wrong.

  10. Britneysbaby2002 says:

    LoL.. Please prove to us all that Britney cheated.. Exactly, you’re just biased… And you *hope* she cheated, but Justin himself has admitted she never.. It was the distance.. Get your facts straight! Oh, and Nellysgirl never said that she will DEFINITELY be on.. She said “She is supposed to…” Which, to those who just don’t understand, means that she MIGHT.. Not definitely… Right, hope that’s cleared.. Hey it’s true, you learn something new everyday ;) Oh and to everyone who doesn’t believe it, I know it must be hard.. But seriously, Britney will ALWAYS over empower Xtina.. Sure, she is good and all, but she is in Brits shadow for life.. I think even if Britney quit, it would still be that way.. And you Christina fans, especially, know it.. So stop denying it.. Yes, Christina is good, but nothing near Britney.. Please… Get over that fact, and move on with your lives… LMAO this will make NO change, but I had to vent… Can’t wait for VMA’s, just to see the greatest woman of time… MISS SPEARS :D

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