Britney Spears To Blame For Bennifer Breakup?

The Boston Herald reports that while Ben Affleck reportedly headed to Georgia and his broken-hearted bride, Jennifer Lopez, remained in Miami, rumors ran rampant in California that was responsible for the last minute break-up. “The story making the rounds is that reason they split was that Ben was involved with Britney,” said a spy in Los Angeles. “And that’s the reason he called off the wedding.” Affleck’s spokesman Ken Sunshine, dismissed the blather as “complete and utter B.S.”

Jen And Ben’s Summit May Reconcile Wedding Plans

18, 2003 – A pal of claims she is in contact with her estranged fiance Ben Affleck, and the pair are due to meet in person in the next few days to discuss their relationship. The friend tells People magazine, “Only the two of them know how it might turn out. Either way, she’s one to confront her problems. I’m sure they’re going to scream, cry and laugh and maybe figure this out. They’re going to sit down and talk. They’ve spoken on the phone, but it’s different in person. They need to do it away from the glare of New York and Los Angeles.” Other sources close to the singer add that Lopez “still thinks there is a chance” of marriage with the screen star.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears To Blame For Bennifer Breakup?

  1. annita says:

    Unless Britney is the psychic who advice Jennifer, this is true… If she is not (and she’s NOT) then Britney had nothing to do with it. And who ever thinks otherwise is just plain stupid. Ben Affleck is just a cheater and he ruined the relationship.

  2. nomorebrit says:

    Now the media is really grasping for invisible strings. Besides Bennifer has not admitted that they have actually broken up anyways.

  3. Carrie says:

    Brit has had a crush on Affleck for a long time. She admitted it once. She also said that a psychic told her she’d be dating an older guy with black hair. After Jen started dating Ben, she denied this when asked again. One mag. I read back around the spring time she admitted she was lightly dating a guy who had suffered a heart break but she would not tell the interviewer who the guy was and I found that odd. I’ve always thought Affleck was the culprit with the Justin situation. Ben has been quoted also as saying that he doesn’t know if he has a Lolita complex – probably in ref. to Britney. With all these little tidbits, my guess is that she’ll be his next girlfriend and that she perhaps had something to do with the breakup.

  4. grprincess says:

    A lot of people have crushes but that doesn’t mean anything. I don’t think Britney and Ben will be a couple. I don’t know if Britney cheated on Justina but even if she did I also have also heard more rumors about Wade Robson.

    It is a stunt. If there was something between Ben and Brit no way would she be invited to their affairs.

  5. Carrie says:

    But Wade denies it. On one of the People mag. recently he said that his relationship with the Brit was strictly professional but you know it could all be b.s. – what I find interesting though is that Brit has gone to every Ben Jen affair lately. Maybe this whole Bennifer show is indeed a true publicity stunt and we’re all being fooled. J Lo is too jealous. If she was in love with Ben and suspected these other two were getting it on – don’t you think she would of killed Affleck by now?

  6. LiLGrrl3369 says:

    Alright, I’m sure this is complete garbage some pimply little intern at the Boston Herald came up with to get out of the mailroom. If this IS somehow true though, there’s no way Britney fans can deny that she is a complete slut.

  7. babet says:

    she wasn’t getting enough publicity herself so she had to get into the Bennifer action? no doubt her PR pulled this one off. how sad. she’s a really desperate media whore. I almost feel sorry for her. but at least Britney will have enough money to last her once her career ends. 2004 will be her retirement year….and maybe she’ll be inducted in the hall of shame too.

  8. Britney_rocks says:

    oh god you can’t believe that crap? are you that freaking blind that this is the media that’s doing all this crap! Britney has admitted she HAD a little crush on Ben but now she has a crush on Robin Thicke a musician. Jeez you are delusional

  9. JadeFox says:

    I bet this is just a PR stunt by Bennifer. Both are such publicity whores, they would gladly bring another celebrity into it just so people can keep talking. Britney was supposed to be going to their wedding so they knew that it would be easy for the media to pick up that angle.

  10. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Wow, she destroys everything… This is like when her mother caught her and her daddy inside of a cabinet having sex to the fullest. Can you believe it she even destroyed her parent’s relationship? Wow, we should call her ***** ”non stop”. But seriously babet is so right about this.

  11. promisemewings says:

    This is such a lie just to blame SOMEone for the breakup. Don’t put the blame on Britney for this. (I don’t like Britney, but don’t point the finger at someone who probably had nothing to do with the breakup.) He may have been involved with Britney MONTHS ago before all of this. But he’s a skirt-chaser anyways, and she’s a possessive gold-digger anyways. This supposed marriage was doomed to fail.

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