Britney Spears To Perform At G-A-Y At Kittens Expense

has requested to perform at the UK’s No1 gay club G-A-Y at the London Astoria on November 8th, pushing the UK’s top girl band from the slot. The trio were supposed to be kick-starting the live promotion of their new single and second album on the same night, but in light of Britney’s offer, bosses at the venue have had to call the girls and say: “Thanks, but no thanks.” An insider at the club sniffed: “There’s no contest, really. If you are a venue and says she wants to perform, you clear the schedule.” Read more.

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears To Perform At G-A-Y At Kittens Expense

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Isn’t this the gay club where Christina performed last year and the crowd was forcing her to sing more songs? They loved her. Britney copies Christina again, eh? The difference would be is… the crowd will force her to get out of the stage as soon as possible. Mark my word. Oh and expect some bottles up in the air.

  2. jimmypee says:

    yeah sure. considering Britney’s last album flopped over there, I hardly think she holds any power in getting appearances. and considering how awful MATM is, that situation doesn’t look like changing.

  3. musikluver says:

    xtina-dirrty.. the world doesn’t revolve around Christina.. everything Britney does is not to copy Christina.. so I guess Christina has copied Britney by going to every city Britney has gone to perform a concert.. you are so lame.. Astoria is a well known club that a lot of singers perform at.. not just Christina.. ! and plus there is way more buzz about Britney’s performance than there ever was about Christina’s! you know exactly what you’re gonna get with Christina– a trashy performance with a tired singing voice with so many runs that it ruins the song.. Britney you never know..but whatever it is, just like Madonna, she works the stage and it is AWESOME! Britney doesn’t have to copy’re just upset that once again Britney is gonna put on an awesome performance and out do Christina by far and prove again what everybody already knows, that Christina ain’t sh** compared to Britney! Christina has a strong voice.. AND!…. so does Kelly Clarkson.. voice alone won’t get you that far! people said the same thing about Madonna as they are saying about Britney,, but look at her now 20 years later.. still making it not only in Music but also NY best seller and Britain’s highest selling children’s book EVER! you and peewee with this copycat sh** is just childish and pathetic.. grow up! both of you! anyway.. Gay people loved Britney way before Christina.. in fact it was only recently with this album that gay people could even be bothered with her….. so.. really.. who is copying who since you know so much?

  4. musikluver says:

    peewee and Xtina.. don’t you hate coming to popdirt time after time and there not being anything new in Christina’s section.. could that be because NOBODY GIVES A RIP!… so you’re forced to constantly bombard yourself with information that’s constantly added on Britney, which both of you say you can’t stand, but yet ALWAYS know everything that she does and listens to her music and reads every article…. for someone who can’t stand somebody you sure do put a lot of effort and time getting to know more about her! your devotion to her is amazing! I think you’re both closet Britney fans… but its ok.. you can break the contract you have with Christina and actually express how much you really like Britney.. COME OUT! we will support you! we can all see the frustration both of you are feeling,, its really sad to see you both this way….. good luck to you both as you will have MANY years to overcome this.. Britney will still be around!

  5. rachel says:

    musicluver, bitch quit writing damn essays on here. People will throw bottles @ that bimbo and I sure would laugh. She probably performing there because she was like “Christina performed so I think I will be able to do it to”, that slut always forgets that she doesn’t have a voice. She tries to pull a Christina and it backfires on her, woo hoo that is why someone wants to shoot her. He he, I bet a million dollars, the governor’s wife isn’t the only one

  6. hellahooked says:

    Cool, that’s awesome. Hey after all, It is Britney Spears, so obviously. Atomic Kitten are crap compared to Britney. Lucky UK, Britney better come here.

  7. missxtina24 says:


  8. XtinaFighter says:

    That’s mean she kicked atomic kitten out of that spot, but hey she wasn’t their first choice because she had to ask to LIP SYNC there.

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