Britney Spears To Team With Madonna On First Single

MTV News reports that will be featured on Britney Spears’ first single, ‘Me Against The Music’, on her now titled album ‘Get in the Zone’. The November 18th release will feature 13 tracks in all, seven of which were co-written by Spears. Read more.

90-Second Pop, Culture Watch On Jen, Ben & Madonna

16, 2003 – CNN’s ‘American Morning’ saw Soledad O’Brien chat with Peter Castro of People magazine, B.J. Sigesmund of Newsweek, and humorist Andy Borowitz about the big wedding cancellation by and Ben Affleck, as well as Madonna’s new children’s book ‘The English Roses’ on their regular 90-Second Pop, Culture Watch. Check out a transcript here.

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13 thoughts on “Britney Spears To Team With Madonna On First Single

  1. perfectly-imperfect says:

    holy sh**, how awesome! I’m not as surprised though, since this was reported on MTV. I can’t wait though, but I’d rather her release something fresh for the new single, not a song we already heard. I’m still excited though!

  2. willow84 says:

    the album has been pushed back I believe her site said it was going to be released nov.25 and now it says “The release date previously reported on this site and elsewhere was incorrect and we apologize for any confusion. We will let you know when a revised date is announced. Thanks for your understanding.” eonline reported it was “pushed back”

    it’s pretty sad that you rate people’s intelligence based on whether they know who the biggest music icons are or if they know who the “big wigs” in music are. if that’s the case then you must think those MTV vj’s are like the smartest people ever. The hell with Stephen Hawking, Carson Daly is the smartest man in the universe!

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    At the end of the day… *Madonna talking to Guy Ritchie while masturbating him* “Honey, I got the b!tch’s trust so for sure my album sales will at least increase, call the producers I wanna make another CD… oh did I mention to you, I went to my dentist this morning Britney’s bad breath is killing me” Poor Britney…

  4. willow84 says:

    it seems like that kiss Madonna and Britney gave each other is more like mouth to mouth resuscitation. they’re both trying to revive their ailing careers.

    ok legends lets see she’s worked with Madonna who’s old and needs some media attention..she did that thing with Michael Jackson ok yeah he’s a weirdo and loves any type of attention ..umm yeah she works with legends who’s careers are in need of a major boost.

  5. mikemc says:

    I have to wonder, who’s riding who’s coat-tails??? Britney has been a Madonna-biter from the very beginning, but now it seems like Madonna will do anything for publicity, even be in a video with Britney. Sad thing is, neither one of them can hold a note, even if you gave them a paper bag to put it in!

  6. single_female_lawyer says:

    wow that was such an ignorant ass comment I feel sorry for you because of your low education. but seriously Madonna and Michael Jackson are by far the most important icons ever beside Elvis and many others. They are the big wigs of music and what they did in the past influenced ALMOST ,not everybody but most, every artist that exist today.So you best rethink that sh** for real. I wasn’t even going to waste my time on you but I felt you needed to be informed on how stupid you are. by the way I damn sure ain’t backing up Britney f**k that sh** but ,I forgive you :)

  7. Hell6 says:

    AMAZING’… All of this has been confirmed by Britney’s official website: Britney is set to release her 4th album “Get In The Zone” on November 18th. The first single “Me Against The Music” featuring Madonna hits radio soon and the video will debut on MTV’s Making The Video on October 13th. I’m dying to buy that CD, listen to the finished version of MATM with Madonna, looking at the music video, the first week sales of the album… Also Britney is in the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine for the 6th time in 5 years, quite great don’t you guys think… performed at this year VMA’s with Madonna, the NFL Kickoff Life performance, she’s doing it all… Um… (LOL!!!) Christina wasn’t nominated for this year AMA’s… How pathetic, I guess her career is indeed a flop… Take that Xtina-Dirty!

  8. jimmypee says:

    LMAO! is this a joke? because everyone I’ve seen is laughing their asses off at this! those two have got about as pathetic as you can get! I love it! SO lame. gotta love how that GODAWFUL song is the single. and getting Madonna in a bid to get airplay, when Madonna herself can’t get any? LMAO. bad move. that song was BAD, and will do even worse now. and only seven songs cowritten? So lame. so she had hardly ANY input to this album. Christina and Beyonce and Justin are miles ahead of this talentless waste of air. what little credibility she had left, if any, is now going to be gone for good!

  9. rachel says:

    Christina has worked with BB King, and many legends. She has collaborated with Brian McKnight, Ricki Martin, Dave Navarro, Lil kim, Redman, Missy , Alicia Keys, some popular Japanese singer and many more. Yeah it doesn’t matter though because this is a Slutney article and it will be awesome if the song didn’t suck so bad!

  10. Hell6 says:

    Christina Aguilera’s career is OVER!!! Finally. Um… she wasn’t even nominated at this years American Music Awards 2003 to be giving away on November. This is so funny, You are a piece of crap Christina. Female POP/ROCK Nominations: Celine Dion Avril Lavigne Jennifer Lopez Britney is not nominated because she has done nothing this year… un-like Christina, poor bimbo

  11. babet says:

    HAHAHHAHAHAH. OMG she is that desperate. well I gotta hand it to her….u have to sell something……unfortunately its not gonna be cds….. she’s probably sold more mags than cd’s by now….. Britney…tsk tsk. I guess for you its “screw the music bring on the headlines.”

  12. RedBeast says:

    Britney worked with many legends people, two of the most top legends alive right now: both Michael Jackson and Madonna. bottom line, they ARE legends no matter how pathetic they are right now, they’re legends period, you know that. Britney performed with both of them and both of them said sincere words about Britney afterwards. Christina worked with Missy Elliott, so did Britney. Ricky Martin, lil kim, Pink, and Mya are NOT legends. Christina is over man, her video on TRL is #10 and sliding off. there are more Hilary Duff fans than Christina fans! Duff was #2, damn! Britney’s performing on the AMA’s, EMA’s and Billboard Awards all this year. not to mention, she has 5 more magazine covers coming out throughout the year, a TV show pilot, and a book. She’s everywhere now! call her a media whore, she’s just making you guys angrier because you’ll be seeing her more and more, and MORE this time. so shove the sh** into your own face because we ain’t taking crap from Christina fans NO MORE! with Britney here, we will never fall and be hurt by your childish remarks. we know to enjoy music and relax, unlike you people going on here and talkin crap 24/7. prepare yourselves, because well…Britney is just about to be 10000 more points above Christina once again. she did it again.

  13. jazzprofounder says:

    Sure she “worked” with Madonna and Michael on stage, but not on any records, so what’s the big deal? Just because she worked with them doesn’t mean that she’s above the status of better singers and artists that actually take their music more seriously, hoping to gain recognition and quality, not quantity. I give Brit props for working with them, but in my opinion, her performance with both of them was nothing original or exciting, as usual. If she actually did something interesting and original with Michael and Madonna that wasn’t just desperate then I would be impressed, but she didn’t. Britney still doesn’t have anything to her name yet. How many Grammy’s has she won? How many REAL awards has she won for her MUSIC? When was the last time she got recognition for her music or any of her albums in depthly? Anyways, I know you must be a fan of hers, so I am just gonna lay low on this. Even though I am not a fan of Brit or Christina or whoever, I wish them all the best of luck on their careers! :)

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