Britney Spears Too Tired To Tour Asia

News of the World reports is planning to axe the Far East leg of her current tour because she is suffering from exhaustion. A source told the tabloid, “Things haven’t been going too well for Britney at all. She’s been very ill and hasn’t had time to fully recover.”

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9 thoughts on “Britney Spears Too Tired To Tour Asia

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    What a pathetic excuse. Lets just face it Britney is not popular worldwide and not all people want to see her fat lopsided a*s. But hey, Britney touring in Korea might be a good idea. She could be killed over there. *crosses fingers*

  2. popmaster167 says:

    that really is irresponsible. I’m sure lots of people around the world would love to take breaks from work when they are feeling tired and exhausted,but they don’t because it is wrong and they need to do it to survive. No doubt Britney is going to lose a fair share of fans in the East now,which she could really do with hanging onto.

  3. texassoftballchick says:

    I guess Flopney can’t sell tickets either!’, ‘Let’s face the facts — Britney’s shows would NOT be accepted in the Far East. Most Oriental countries would not allow her to do all the simulated sex acts and masturbation. I am sure there were requests for Britney to cancel and she did. Britney is as “exhausted” as Christina is “in poor voice.” Britney just needs more time to rut with her new guy before she comes to the U.S. again.

  4. hellahooked says:

    We will see but I doubt it… And even if she does, it’s because of “exhaustion” not “slow ticket sales” XD

  5. Blakie says:

    LIE’, ‘thats BULLSH** because about a week ago she was on an Australia radio station telling Australians she’d be down under to tour before the end of the year, and personally I think Britney would know what she’s doing over some *****ty “sources” YEW IM CHECKING INTO TO THE ONYX HOTEL IN AUSTRALIA :)

  6. Lotus says:

    I’m calling “Publicity stunt”!’, ‘I’ve read this about Europe too but sadly, she didn’t cancel. But her tour must be doing bad if they are forced to hype her up in every country by leaking that she will “cancel”. But tactic might scare potential ticket buyers away from buying tickets since they are expensive anyway and they might not get to see her at all.

  7. Meggz75 says:

    Providing this is factual info…which it may not be. I work 5 days a week plus all my usual daily responsibilities and I am exhausted pretty much every day but I keep on trucking. Britney seems to have problems managing playtime and worktime. Her management needs to have a sit down talk with her and help her realize that there is a time for play and a time for work. If she wants time off then she should not release an album. If she lets fans down too many times, she will lose them.

  8. listentothemusic says:

    lol,that’s a good news.I’m in China now and actually,she cancelled the tour because not many people here are interested in her.when the news reported she would tour China,some teenages were very excited but only a few.then,after several weeks,ppl all forgot it.the fact is she isn’t very popular here.but she is surely very famous thanx to her stupid marriage.everyone knows it here.moreover,those who liked her in China before has grown up already and no longer teenyboppers.they starts to have the tell you the truth,xtina is 10 times popular here than Britney.they all hope Christina can tour China instead of Britney. but now since Britney cancelled the tour,that’s the best choice for her because she can make less people find out the truth she can’t sing

  9. popmaster167 says:

    uhh,you poor thing :) I just woke up after a long sleep. I was doing some maths……’, ‘revision and just fell asleep at my desk!! lol I have to get a good early night tonight. My just got in wont stop moaning at me lol. I’m so sorry to hear your ill,what do you think it might be? What did you eat last night? Hartz,are they some kind of restaurant chain or something? Anyways,it doesn’t sound like its your day today. Is Otis ok now? I’m sorry to hear you had to falk out your pride and all that,I know it sucks big time. Hopefully this survey job of yours will work out. I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt,thats awful. But with medical treatment the way it is and the fact that they caught it early she’ll most likely be fine,except for Health Insurance debts. Ive heard the insurance companies are really bad sometimes and don’t give the hospital the money they ask for and when you go out of hospital you have ring them up and nag them etc. last thing you need when you get out of hospital. Anyways,I’ve done some querying and I’m probably entitled to £30 a week when I go to college next September by the looks of it. Its called Educational Maintenance Allowance,for all people who continue into further education. So that’s really cool. Anyways,I hope you and Otis are fine :) I’ll tal to you later :)

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