Britney Spears Top November Search Queries

Top searches for on Yahoo’s pay-per search engine for the month of November are in, with a huge jump in interest in the singer, though virtually none for her singing career. Searches for “Britney Spears”, and several misspellings totaled an astounding 4,887,898 for the month, thanks to a huge end of month surge for those looking for her multiple up-skirt pantiless pictures, as well as her divorce announcement to begin the month, rumors of a sex tape with estranged husband Kevin Federline existing, and a 19-second clip with a woman resembling Britney performing oral sex. Britney got about 3X more searches than her rival Christina Aguilera, even though Aguilera recently released an album and is touring in support of it. But Britney’s searches are almost all related to nudity or sex, with only one “Oops” reference to a song, a single search related to lyrics, and some interest in her divorce and new baby. The most common misspelling was Brittany Spears with 3,771 searches.

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