Britney Spears Touts Female Masturbation

In an interview with People magazine, talks at length about masturbation. “I think if you say you don’t do it, you’re lying,” Spears said. “It’s a positive thing to indulge in. I don’t do it all the time. It’s life. Guys can talk about it. Why can’t girls? I think it’s positive for girls not to depend on guys. Being alone, and I’m one to say, you really start to figure out what makes you happy. And then you’re able to give more to other people. When you turn yourself on, that really is what turns the guy on.”

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13 thoughts on “Britney Spears Touts Female Masturbation

  1. ballersfantasy says:

    Wow, I can’t believe she’s being so open about things now. I have a feeling the majority of the comments on here are gonna say she’s a ho. Anyways, she’s speaking the truth according to her- so its a good thing she doesn’t have to hide certain things anymore.

    *Oh ya, I also remember her saying on that Suchin interview that indulging in yourself is a lot better than going around sleeping with men to satisfy yourself. I have to admit Brit, I’d also do that, rather then stooping down to Fred Durst’s level.

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Does she have a compilation of Christina quotes and comments? She’s really copying Christina, from clothes to quotes. LMAO How lame. The difference is this quote is so vulgar, disgusting and only uneducated and desperate people will say this. Too bad she can’t copy Christina’s writing skills and vocal techniques.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    Okay…it’s nice that Britney is trying to be a positive role model to girls, but does sex always have to be the subject for girls to follow (in Britney’s point of view)? There are more things to life and womanhood besides sex and masturbation that young girls need to know in a positive light.

  4. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    I always masturbate with Britney’s Rolling Stone picture. I love it.

  5. outrageous4u says:

    Everyone does it why not sing about it- I think its cool that she is bringing this topic up-nothing to be ashamed of!

  6. rachel says:

    Britney fans = hypocrites, if some other star had said this ……. they will be like “Ew, nasty ho blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!! Good for her that she likes herself but I personally think that is straight up nasty. And no Ms Spears I don’t do that and I know many people who probably don’t either.

  7. outrageous4u says:

    Not all Britney fans are hypocrites. I think its cool if anybody would have said that not just Britney and 95 % of the population does masturbate whether they admit it or not and if you don’t than you must not be secure with your body and your sexuality-that’s a fact.

  8. Stallion says:

    Good for her. You see grprincess you can admit that you masturbate to your Britney Spears poster and elgato you can admit that you masturbate to your BSB poster.

  9. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    Okay, while I totally agree with what she’s saying, this is the most contrived comment ever. Amen to whoever said that about copying Madonna– it’s as if she’s plotting her career according to what Madonna did and when. Suddenly, with this hyper-sexed, hyper-in your face “new” image, Britney takes it upon herself to admit to every taboo sexual thing.

  10. Danisha says:

    It’s so funny how Spears’ fans think she’s so innocent compared to Christina. Fans have NO clue how shady certain celebs are and Spears is NO different. She sleeps with guys, masturbates, smokes weed, and gets fall down drunk at clubs just like everybody else! The difference between Spears and Christina is that Christina has talent and is more respected in the business.

  11. B0rntoplay says:

    Awesome….we like the honesty. I’m sure now Christina fans will call her a whore, and forget the fact that when Christina talks about her sexual escapades, they praise her.

  12. Weronika says:

    I think Britney said truth and she’s right…

  13. Richard Andrew Savory says:

    Britney is honest, it is something she likes. For me as a dude, all I have to do is just take the time to actually imagine Britney masturbating, and it really is quite a sensuous and beautiful mental image.

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