Britney Spears Visits Father In Santa Monica

was photographed visiting her father Jamie in Santa Monica, California the other day. Check out pictures from RexFeatures.

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8 thoughts on “Britney Spears Visits Father In Santa Monica

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    cool, she looks really good here. go ‘B’

  2. ajbswimmer08 says:

    LOL I know she looks awesome! NONE of you all can say that she looks like “trailor trash” (which is a horrible thing to say to any person. people actually live in trailors and I’m sure they don’t like hearing that we use their form of shelter as an insult)… She looks hot!

  3. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    Oh, come on Britney fans. It’s the first time in several years (and certainly during her pregnancy) that the skank has looked even mildly respectable, and you’re buttering her up as if she were friggin’ Audrey Hepburn. Maybe she’s been taking the Christina comments to heart, maybe she’s found herself a new stylist… my bets are that she’s back to the daisy dukes within the week.

  4. ajbswimmer08 says:

    from some1 with a sn like “nunzilla” making comments about peoples taste? That is truly funny! She hasn’t look that bad during her pregnancy EXCEPT for those UGLY cowboy boots! BUT then again, when my aunt was pregnant she wore cowboy boots because they were comfortable, provided her feet support on the heels, AND her ankles were swelling. Britney only has weeks left, and she didn’t start wearing the cowboy boots UNTIL a few weeks ago. Other than that, her pregnancy attire has been fun and funky. There is nothing wrong with waiting to flaunt you body during your pregnancy.

  5. nunzillabreathesfire says:

    “Fun and funky”?? Hahaha. To each her own I guess. And the cowboy boots were the least of her offenses! Try: booty shorts masked by club-worthy tops, minidresses that look like they came out of the Spice Girls tour wardrobe circa 1997, daisy dukes showing off her expanding thighs. You make it seem like she should be excused for only JUST beginning to wear these eyesores in recent weeks. Um, darling, I’d have preferred she donned this garbage for her first 2 trimesters instead of now! I’ve worked with pregnant women my past two jobs and NONE have ballooned like dear “bit bit”. As for the nunzilla comment? Clearly you haven’t seen the cinematic marvel that is the Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys. Petty little biotch.

  6. ko says:

    Double Chin, Spongebob Squarepants’ body, nappy hair….I wouldn’t call her decent. She’s still an ugly mongoloid skank to me.

  7. ajbswimmer08 says:

    This honestly just shows how pathetic you are… No double chin was there (and she pregnant for christs sake! Look at Reese and Kate Hudson when THEY were pregnant), she has a breat body for a preggers woman, her hair is straighter than Cher’s, and she look WONDERFUL! Get over yourself and find a new hobby that doesn’t involve bashing people you are clearly jealous of

  8. fandango says:

    I guess it was shower day. She looks nice in all but the one pic, but she definitely has her mother’s wrinkled eyes/crows feet already – at 23. The cigs have aged the hell out of her.

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