Britney Spears vs. Beyonce vs. Christina Aguilera

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, , and Beyonce Knowles have all been successful, controversial, and most importantly relevant in pop. They have all proven the test of time by lasting in the music business for at least 7 years. They all have smash singles, albums, dozens of lucrative endorsement deals and sold-out concerts! They are bona fide superstars but who would make the biggest impact when they return to the music scene?

Case 1: Will the Princess of Pop ‘spearhead’ the competition?

Artist: Britney Spears
Albums: Studio (4) Compilations (2)
Record Sales: 85 million sold (IFPI) – 120 million sold (Discography)
5th Studio Album: tentative title ‘Original Doll’ (late 2006/early 2007)
Current Projects: Fantasy Tour for perfume launch in Europe.

Britney is the undisputed pop juggernaut of the 21st century plans. Will she solidify her lead with a planned 2006/2007 release of a new album? This album is said to showcase Britney’s true voice & a follow-up to previous successes ‘In The Zone’ & ‘Greatest Hits: My Prerogative’. The tracks are rumored to be a blend of blues, dance and R & B. Expected collaborators for her upcoming album are Wyclef Jean & Bloodshy & Avant.

Case 2: Will the ‘booty-shaking’ diva fulfill her destiny?
Artist: Beyonce Knowles
Albums: Studio (1) Live (1)
Record Sales: Solo (20 million sold); Destiny’s Child (70 million sold)
2nd Studio Album: no title yet but is expected to (mid-late 2006)
Current Projects: Filming for ‘Dreamgirls’; penning new album singles.

Beyonce is an undeniable musical force in both the R & B and Pop worlds. Will she dominate this year with her 2nd studio album release? Beyonce isn’t expected to deviate from her booty-shaking ways very soon. So far ‘Check On It’ is the longest running #1 in the Billboard singles chart this year so expect the anticipation to rise before her new material is released. There is no word on expected collaborators for her album yet.

Case 3: Will this ‘dirrty’ diva’s jazz bring her back to the top?
Artist: Christina Aguilera
Albums: English Studio (2) Spanish Studio (2) Compilations (1) Unofficial (1)
Record Sales: 40 million sold (IFPI) – 70 million sold (Discography)
3rd Studio Album: official album title is ‘Back To Basics’ (Spring 2006)
Current Projects: Recording for her upcoming album.

Christina is the pop rebel of this century much as Madonna was last century. Will her rebellious ways in music propel her to iconic success similar to the likes of perennial pop icon Madonna? Her next album is a follow-up to the critically acclaimed best-seller ‘Stripped’ & will feature a jazz sound typical of the 1920s & 1930s. Notable contributors include Linda Perry who has also written songs for Christina’s 2002 smash album ‘Stripped’ .

Who among these returning top divas would make the biggest impact?

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20 thoughts on “Britney Spears vs. Beyonce vs. Christina Aguilera

  1. yaidel says:

    Beyonce the best

  2. Brob says:

    Of course Britney is the best

  3. yeal says:

    christina Aguilera the best

  4. lucas says:

    beyonce is the best singer in all word she is very better than the Britney

  5. sonia says:

    Britney, of course! ;)

  6. tani says:

    Christina forever

  7. Baby Jane says:


  8. robyn says:

    I don’t know if I like Britney or Beyonce. Who should I like??????

  9. rosa diaz says:

    Beyonce is much different & better then Christina & Britney.both Christina & Britney scares me.i mean,how could you teach a 11 years old how to do sex by making a video of you having sex with a man in a room.when I turn 16 in 3 years I would move to New York & be a actress and teach Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera how to be a celebrity cause they don’t act like one. Beyonce do a little bit sometimes.

  10. BrtineyLover says:

    definitely Britney

  11. jeauloux says:

    Britney is a lunatic shaving her head, Beyonce is very fake, irritating, and has no good songs. But Christina was the most interesting, rebellious artist with true artistic value, but it seems now that Christina has thoroughly lost her popularity as of 2010. So none of them would the princess of pop now, the current princess is Lady Gagash**, unfortunately.

  12. luv brit says:

    I really love all of them, but Brit is Brit! I mean, hello!
    her personal life is another story but on the scene she rocks!

  13. Bossy says:

    Beyonce of course she kills all of them. plus she is the whole package she has the talent and the beauty. Britney can’t sing and Christina can’t dance Beyonce can do both amazingly well!!

  14. missy says:


  15. Jenna says:

    It depend on what we take into account about these female artists.

    Greater Success > Britney spears is the clear winner

    Better Voice > Beyonce is the undeniable winner.Her voice is better than the 2 others .It’s more mature,more elegant,more beautiful and more flexible.

    Better songs > Christina Aguilera wins.She have more consistant songs and deeper lyrics.

    But they are all 3 amazing

  16. Eric says:

    I agree, Beyonce have the better voice,more sensuality,more smoothness,more flexibility.Christina’s voice is just more powerful and can go higher,but that’s all. Beyonce’s voice is better.A good example is their respective version of the American national Anthem,by which Beyonce’s vocal supremacy over Christina is exposed.

  17. Eric says:

    Beyonce also the 2 others on income.The made the top 3 list of Forbes top earners these 3 last years.
    Beyonce is also a better dancer than the others .
    But Britney beat both on record sales. Britney and Beyonce are both way more popular worldwide than Christina.
    Christina beat the others only on vocal range.

  18. Amara says:

    Album sales -Britney
    Single sales- Britney
    Dance skills – Beyonce
    Better voice -Beyonce
    Wider vocal range -Christina
    Popularity – Beyonce & Britney

  19. Roger says:

    Highest Album Sales = Britney Spears
    Most Top 10 Hits = Beyonce
    Most Top 40 Hits = Britney Spears
    Most #1 Albums = Britney Spears
    Most Grammys = Beyonce
    Most Guinness Records = Britney Spears
    Most Successful in Movies = Beyonce
    Most Successful on TV = Britney Spears
    Best Dancer = Britney Spears
    Most Impersonators = Britney Spears
    Best Voice = Christina Aguilera
    Most Songs That We’ll Remember = Britney Spears
    Most Memorable Performances = Britney Spears
    Most Successful Tour = Britney Spears
    Most Successful Ever When Hitting Her Peak = Britney Spears

    Britney Spears may not be the most talented among the three, but she is arguably the most successful. Britney has always been a leader in setting trends, whereas Beyonce has always been caught copying other artists from different countries, and Christina just riding on the passenger seat. We know Britney is the one that drives the ratings. These are facts, my friends.

  20. Saman says:

    Beyonce can’t dance just shake her ass n breast

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