Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera. Who’s Better? Who Cares

Contributed anonymously:

I’ve been checking out some of the Brit vs. Christina posts on here, and I’m shocked at what you people are saying. Half the posts are throws at the whichever one they don’t like, bashing them. I’ve seen posts like “Britney can’t sing!” or “Christina’s a wh*re!”. How incredibly immature.

I admit, I’ve done it in the past, but I’ve learned from my mistakes. It’s petty, immature, and babyish. People have opinions, but they don’t usually express them in a nice, mature way. Sure, if you’re a fan like me, you’ll get defensive if a fan disses Chris, but you should do it in a mature matter, not going “Well Britney is a fake b!tch!” Just be the better person, ignore it, and move on. The same thing for Britney fans.

We all have opinions, but it doesn’t make it right. Some people think Christina’s “better”, and some people think Britney’s “better”. Those are all opinions. I prefer Chrissy, but that doesn’t mean that I think she’s “better” than anyone. Sure, she has an awesome voice, but so do and Whitney Houston. And Brit is an amazing dancer.

Bottom line is, both Britney and Christina are ENTERTAINERS, each doing their own thing. As in they’re two completely different people. Neither of them are “better” than the other, in fact I think they’re on the same level as far as different talents go.

Now I’m gonna watch all the hate comments come in, but I’m gonna be mature and ignore them. I just had to vent about it. Sorry.

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Vs. Christina Aguilera. Who’s Better? Who Cares

  1. notAhater says:

    FIRST OFF I would like 2 say that BRITNEY SPEARS will always be more popular,richer,happier,talented,beautiful,respected as a artist *OrInGaL*pop queen than Christina! Xtina is always tryin 2 bring Britney down and well Britney laughs it off! CHRISTINA IS A HATER!! how sad that she uses Britney for attention :( !!! BRITNEY WILL ALWAYS B THE BEST

    REALLY ? hmm who’s known more around the world? who has sold more records? who copys who? Who got all the publicty of the modonna kiss? WHOS always on the news?? Sure as hell NOT CHRISTINA hahaha shes one ugly girl that uses BEAUTIFUL Britney for attention!!! …AND u know whats sad is that PREGNAT Britney STILL looks better than Xtina! :) GO 2 and see who guys perfer* ask me who girls like more and look up 2 AND GUESS WHAT ITS BRITNEY ITS ALWAY BRITNEY CUZ SHE THE BEST AND THE ORGIUNAL POP QUEEN!

  2. lindsay mays says:

    Britney Spears is THE pop princess of today, no one can argue with that! she is the Madonna of this era, she’s sexy, got stage presence, is a phenomenal performer, and she appeals to the masses. Christina Aguilera has a beautiful voice but she will ALWAYS be second to Britney.

  3. Twin says:

    Why do people always compare Britney to Christina? This is as retarded as Britney is in her own head. But anyways, Britney and Christina are not in the same league. We are comparing one who can’t sing with one who’s “probably the best vocalist in the world” to quote Celine Dion. We’re comparing one who’s following the steps of a panty-throwing Madonna with one who’s in the league of Streisand, Franklin and Knight. We’re comparing a commercial product to an artist. We’re comparing one who can only be distinguished from her dancers because she has a tiny head mike with someone who captures all attention on stage. So where are the common points that make it possible to compare the two?

  4. maya .y. says:

    I hate both of them. I saw what happen when they were performing “Hollywood” with Madonna.They are both lesbian. I was shocked at Britney. Even Justin Timberlake was too. I hope Britney listen clear to the lyric of Rihanna’s best hit singe “DISTURBIA”? the lyric said “YOU BETTER THINK TWICE” I hope that’s what she did before KISSING MADONNA & CHRISTINA? do she wanna be lesbian because of money or leave her life the same when god brought her on earth?

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