Britney Spears Wastes No Time Getting Wasted In ’07

Jimmy Kimmel joked during his ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ monologue on Tuesday night, “ spent no time getting wasted in ’07. She passed out at her own New Year’s Eve party. This is the second time she’s passed out at a club in two weeks. It seems like she needs a Mrs. Garret [of ‘The Facts Of Life’] to watch her. Her publicist said she wasn’t drunk. She was just sleepy. That’s the quote. Maybe a little dopey. This is from before she got sleepy. You see there. She’s coughing up a kleenex there. Or she keeps the underwear stored in her mouth. But Britney is if first party girl to embarrass herself in the new year. Maybe letting her baby behind the wheel doesn’t seem like a bad idea anymore. A built-in designated driver.”

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