Britney Spears’ Wedding Night Panties Auctioned?

A seller on eBay is auctioning what they claim are the pair of boyshorts that was wearing on the night she was married to Kevin Federline. The auction states: “This is an absolutely adorable white pair. Britney wore these to the house where her wedding took place, and then later changed when she put on her wedding dress. I was lucky enough to be working at the wedding and I got to take home some amazing Britney memorabilia. This is 100% guaranteed authentic. This item was personally worn by . I will also include a copy of the staff pass I was given to enter the house that night, as proof that this item is genuine and that I was there that night.” Not so says Britney’s rep Leslie Sloane, who denied any possibility that the panties could have ever belonged to her client or her new hubby when quized by The New York Daily News. Sloane fumed that eBay “has hit a real low.”

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