Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ Dance Performance At Bambi 2008

danced along to her ‘Circus’ lead single ‘Womanizer’ at Bambi 2008 earlier today in Offenburg, Germany, where the 26-year-old was named Best International Pop Star by the German awards for being an inspiration after bouncing back successfully following a series of breakdowns. The prize jury said, “The pop princess is back on her throne, better than ever before.” Watch the miming effort via YouTube below.

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7 thoughts on “Britney Spears ‘Womanizer’ Dance Performance At Bambi 2008

  1. ran says:

    she was awesome!!!
    and it was live!

  2. Jhon says:

    Well first of all, I want to wirte this because I am just tired of “Britney fans” critics to Miss Aguilera when their idol is doing this kind of stuff…
    1) First of all they are always saying Christina is a copy of Lady Gaga I think Nay because Christina has done bleach blond hair her signature look, and the bangs she has where those one hundred ten times more even before Lady Gaga appears, and now miss BRitney copy a lot from Back to basics??…i think there’s no problem to take some ideas but not when your rival has done that as her latest Cd efort (that’s lame and no innovation at all).
    2) “Briteny fans” said Christina AMA’S performance was a mess…that she lost her voice and now we see a pathetic lipsynched preformance by Miss Brit. (World can turn around…but they are so pretencious even this they say it was amazin…¿?…sometimes the world is just crazy!!!) (I am a Christina fan that’s for sure and I can tell you I think she did wrong in some parts of her Ama’s performance (so Britney fans can you be more realistic?), but she really impressed me when she sang Keeps Gettin Better live (and it’s ten times more difficult than Womanizer…Woma…Woma…Womanizer…), I am happy Britney is sane now but she isn’t the Britney I love as my second favorite artist).
    3) To finalize well I am tired of “Britney fans” saying well Brit suffered a lot of stuff yeah she is human, this is not her best she is preparing…and blah blah blah(Come on!!! punching a car with and umbrella, gettin bold, showing your pussy in public, … for me that’s a human yes but with a lot of damage in her head…so that’s none excuse for a bad performance that this was…).
    But for loyal Britney fans I will say it was better than her VMAS 2007 performance, but she used to be great…i hope she impprove…so no more hate please…

  3. Um says:

    She didn’t MIME idiot. She sang live. Listen carefully to the end.

  4. Jhon says:

    She didn’t mime?¡…i think the totally IDIOT for beleving that is only you…so I think that’s the problem with Britney fans, they don’t accept reallity at all!!!

  5. David says:

    For god sake, she wasn’t miming, if you watch her x factor performance, bambi awards and Star academy performance you will hear that each performance sounds different, if she was miming wouldn’t she sound the same in each one? Britney fans do accept reality funnily enough, and what you need to accept is just because you don’t like her you don’t have to acuse her of things she isn’t doing…. and as a Britney fan I have never criticesed Christina as I think they are both great at what they do

  6. Rod says:

    I just want to know who the male dancer is. That guy is hot. I know we couldn’t see him well, because he was being thrown around so much, but I could tell he was hot. Forget Britney…she’s a hot blessed mess! Can someone let me know her dancer’s name??? Thx.

  7. Rod says:

    Just for the record…she had a backing track, which means that she did only a little singing while the track did most of the work. Ok, I understand that you people are “fans” but we all know that “Miss B” is NO singer.

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