Britney Spears: World Known Superstar; Christina Aguilera: B List Imitator

Contributed Anonymously:

Lets face it has and will always be in Britney Spears’ shadow. Did anyone care when Christina kissed and arrived in a bird costume at the VMAs? No, but everyone seemed to care when Britney did the same thing!

Lets start with popularity. Britney is in tons of of tabloids and magazines and the news. Britney is dating a dancer and is getting tons of publicity for it, Christina was said to be ENGAGED to her dancer and that barely made the news! Britney is also a better selling artist, and thats a fact.

Christina was some type of copetition to Britney with her first childish CD, but ever since Christina did a 180 from a little girl to a slut, she no longer has many fans. While Britney is a world wide legend on the level of Madonna. Christina is limited to dissing Britney in magazines for scrapes of leftover attention. The only fans she has left are a few homosexuals. Too bad not enough of them went to her SMALL scale tour and it had to be cancelled. Made Christina, Mariah Carey, and can go on a joint mall tour! If that will be enough to sell out the mall.
*T.J. Hoopla*

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One thought on “Britney Spears: World Known Superstar; Christina Aguilera: B List Imitator

  1. Gorkem says:

    Haha definetely agree..
    Chris.. who?? Who’s she?
    I think she’s F-List :)

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