Britney Spears Worried Two Relatives Perished In Katrina

The National Ledger reports that fears that two of her uncles may have perished due to Hurricane Katrina. The uncles are reportedly named Willie and June and are brothers of the singer’s father Jamie. “We haven’t seen them,” Kentwood police chief James Rimes said. “That doesn’t mean the worst – a lot of families in the region are trying to find missing relatives.”

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10 thoughts on “Britney Spears Worried Two Relatives Perished In Katrina

  1. RadioFreeRoscoe says:

    Britney should have been more respectful with her stupid statement on her website. She should have been more thoughtful.

  2. ihatehilary says:

    Perhaps if she would’ve prayed with Madonna it would’ve worked better.

  3. mmh858 says:

    That’s sick that people are insulting her about being concerned her uncles are dead. I hope that all is well and they find them soon.

  4. fandango says:

    Kentwood is 90 miles from the gulf. Her uncles (who were probably living in shacks) are probably in a shelter trying to get $$$. Or if their brain cell count is anything like Britney’s, they probably went toward the coast to see what a hurricane (besides the drink) was like. Hope they are well, but this might be another way for BS to get attention.

  5. malibu says:

    this is terrible that people are trying to make a joke out of this hurricane! thousands of people are dead, homeless, injured, etc, and people are trying to make light of this situation. no matter what u think of her or her family, you should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to make a joke of the possibility that she has lost a loved one. grow up people and if your gonna make stupid comments I suggest targeting them towards your hick dumbass of a president.

  6. ihateoreilly says:

    Why couldn’t Britney get lost in Katrina? At least we wouldn’t have to hear her horrible music. I still haven’t completely forgiven Madonna for hooking up with her (it was the lowest point of Madonna’s career) but everybody makes mistakes.

  7. fandango says:

    maybe you shouldn’t take it so seriously–>’, ‘true – the Katrina disaster is no laughing matter….unless you consider how the Governor Blanco handled it – she should be thrown OUT of office ASAP. Posts here can be insensitive, but the response to insensitive posts shouldn’t be “Go Die” “Go Kill Yourself”. That shows an even lower level – IMO. This isn’t a Mickey Mouse-PG5 site for posting congrats and positive beams of rainbows…it’s reality and freedom of thoughts re: PopDIRT subjects. It’s not that serious, but the lack of brain activity among some posters is a real concern.

    Britney needs to STOP making everything about HER–>’, ‘I highly doubt BS even HAS missing relatives. Besides, this isn’t a serious website created for hurricane condolences. The Katrina disaster was predictably horrible, but the blame for the lack of readiness falls primarily on Governor BLANCO – who should be physically TOSSED out of office immediately for her inept handling of the situation. Also, an evacuation ORDER was given – some did NOT heed it.

  8. ImRickJamesBiatch says:

    Only a FOOL would make light of Katrina and/or her victims,’, ‘my 12 year old knows better. There are some stupid people in the world. And yes, most of them do frequent this site.

  9. LifeOrSomethingLikeIt says:

    Amen to that!!!’, ‘But why are you acting so surprised? These are the same people who called a 3 year old baby a sumo wrestler for Christ sake.

  10. Starlet01 says:

    THIS CAN’T BE TRUE BECAUSE OF WHAT BRITNEY SAID!’, ‘Britney already revealed in the October issue of Elle magazine that she got ALL of her relatives out of harms way before Katrina hit land. In fact I think she said that some of her family are in Texas & some are in LA visiting her. A lot of her relatives have been staying in Los Angeles, California for over a month or so. I doubt this story is true.

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