Britney Spears Writes About Madonna In Rolling Stone

The latest issue of Rolling Stone celebrates the 50th anniversary of rock with a list of the fifty greatest artists of all time. On that list comes in at #36 and the article written about her is courtesy of Britney Spears. Britney starts it off with, “I’m sorry, but I’d rather meet Madonna than the President of the United States.” She continues, “Madonna was the first female pop star to take control of every aspect of her career and to take responsibility for creating her image. Her music has become iconic: Songs like ‘Holiday’ or ‘Live To Tell’ are timeless.” Britney then tells about the first time she met Madonna, being really nervous and how she wanted so much to be like her as a child. Britney says, “I would definitely not be here, doing what I’m doing, if it wasn’t for Madonna. Madonna’s stage presence has inspired so many artist – you can see her influence in some of the younger generation like and Shakira, who have picked up some of her moves.”

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4 thoughts on “Britney Spears Writes About Madonna In Rolling Stone

  1. Comics says:

    Madonna was the first female pop star to take control of every aspect of her career If Britney is so inspired than why isn’t she in control of her career?She needs to stop being a puppet for Jive records. She CO-WROTE like 5 songs on her new CD?!? And to say Madonna inspired Kelly Clarkson is ridiculous.

  2. YouDontKnowMyName says:

    I can’t wait for this issue to come out. I like the idea of letting artists talk about their peers. We’ve heard what the critics have to say, now let the people they inspired talk. I can’t wait to see who does the Beatles and Aerosmith.

  3. popmaster167 says:

    Kelly Clarkson?! Shakira?! they don’t have any resemblance to Madonna and there style is completely different. Kelly Clarkson has an amazing truly powerful voice,and Shakira has a truly good strong Latin style voice and music,those are about the worst comparisons to Madonna I can think of,there both incredibly talented in terms of voice and they use shock value soo much less than Madonna has done. There in a different league to her. And yes,Britney is at least perceptive as Madonna was the first female to have active control over her career and a lot of her songs will be timeless,but most of her success is generally from shock value.

  4. JLOVER101 says:

    I definitely don’t see how Madonna influenced Shakira either, Shakira writes all of her own music, plays a great number of instruments, has a unique voice, does not stick to the rules of what pop should be, her music is Latin-American with both cultures having serious influence. The only thing would be how Shakira is involved in all her projects from conception to execution, which Madonna seems to be as well, but that’s about it, and that didn’t necessarily come from Madonna influencing her.

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