Britney Spears Writings Songs About Split

US Weekly reports Britney Spears has been having trouble dealing with her break-up to Justin Timberlake and his dating Jenna Dewan. An insider said, “Britney has been writing three songs, and each of them is because of [Justin and Jenna].” As for Timberlake, he is reportedly recording a song called ‘Move Past You’ for his solo debut. His label denied that the *NSYNC star is writing a song with that title though.

Usher Talking To Justin Timberlake About Duet

June 19, 2002 – MTV News reports that during Usher’s big New York’s Pier 59 Studios Tuesday night to celebrate the 5 million copies of ‘8701’ being sold, the star admitted to accepting offers from Fat Joe and LL Cool J for collaborations, and that he’s also been talking to Justin about doing a duet on his solo debut.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Spears Writings Songs About Split

  1. mellowyellow says:

    Britney writing songs? Right.
    Am I the only one who remembers “Dear Diary” from the “Oops..” album? That song blew big time! If Britney has half a brain, which I doubt she does, she’ll leave the writing to the talented people and stick to lip-synching which seems to be the only thing she’s good at.

  2. MacKenzie says:

    Ok first of all if Britney wants to show her feelings in songs LET HER! I am a huge Britney fan and i feel if writing songs are helping her to deal with this break up then by all means u do what u want! They better be about how dumb he is lol… but hey Brit you could do so much better girl.

  3. e-bone says:

    Not that I’m an authority on the goings on of Justin, but why do tabloids insist on reporting that he’s dating “the dancer”. F***, a man can’t have female friends anymore. And two…if the girl wants to write about her heartache more power to her…it’s probably cheaper than forking out money for a therapist.

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