Britney Studying Witchcraft

US Weekly reports bought several books on witchcraft and expressed her interest in the occult to the clerk at Brentano’s bookstore in Los Angeles. This on top of reports earlier this year that Britney has spent over $100,000 on goth style leather clothing and silver jewelry at Chrome Hearts in L.A.

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3 thoughts on “Britney Studying Witchcraft

  1. amy says:

    I love Britney Spears but I don’t understand why she practices witchcraft– I recommend to stop listening to her music like I did because I know for a fact that she is a devil worshiper.

  2. Cerberus Bindweed says:

    First of all I don’t personally like Britney as she has fallen down the path of stone headed bimbos.

    My comment is to Amy who I must disagree with. True Witchcraft has nothing to do with devil worshiping, in fact there is no devil in Witchcraft. How do I know this, My entire family are Witches going back sixteen generations. I am a witch and I have never worshiped Satan, I have never caused harm to anyone.

  3. Will Gambo says:

    Hi it is surprising to hear of it but it is not a bad thing practicing witchcraft after all she is good in in her doings

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