Worried About “Unbelievably Famous” Britney Spears

Jenny Colgan of The Scotsman says she’s “a bit worried about .” Why? “The problem is that Britney is now so unbelievably famous, she’s Liza Minnelli,” Colgan explained. “She’s going to be famous for her entire life, whatever she does. If she hides away there’ll be ‘depressive recluse Britney’. If she keeps on making music, she will fail – it looks like this album is going to be a stinker.” Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Worried About “Unbelievably Famous” Britney Spears

  1. GymnastDude182 says:

    WHO THE HELL IS Jenny Colgan of The Scotsman….ENOUGH SAID.

  2. CARPEDIEM says:

    WOW, after all that he has the balls to say “I hope she’s ok”. Damn, that is messed up. Funny, but messed up.

  3. grace_04 says:

    HALLELUJAH!! Jenny Colgan speaks the truth and nothing but the truth about Britney. Admit it Britney fans, her new song sucks ass and the album will be a flop.

  4. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Now that was too funny…..hey man she’s right in her own evil but truthful way

  5. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    WHOEVER this chick is, she’s absolutely right! Britney is doomed….will be famous for simply being famous, cause no one really takes her seriously anymore (that is if anyone ever did to begin with)! I’d say “well, she still has Madonna’s backing”, but even the beloved Madonna is lacking respect from the media and the public! This whole charade of them being the best friends who are working together now……it’s a joke! The song is a joke, the video will be a joke….. Things aren’t looking good for either of them, ESPECIALLY Britney…she’s not smart enough to drag herself back to the front lines of celebrity greatness. Madonna can ALWAYS bring herself back…..she has for 20 plus years! This person was 100% correct about Britney…..if you can’t deal with it, something is wrong with you!

  6. babet says:


  7. hellahooked says:

    Don’t worry about Britney, she knows what she is doing and she won’t go down the road to hell in a long time. If she keeps making music, she will not fail. It looks like this album is gonna be a stinker, yet you have only heard one song… right, bull crap.

  8. Cicero says:

    Ouch, she slammed Christina even more: “It seems to be OK if you start off slutty and follow that through all the way – look at Christina Aguilera; she started off writhing half-naked on the sand and was last seen getting her arse spanked in her Dirrty video and wearing chaps with nothing underneath them. Her “I’m a complete slut and can’t get enough” standpoint has seemed to garner her nothing but respect and buckets of cash. This makes it a bit annoying when she complains about this in her new song, Can’t Hold Us Down, where she sings “The guy gets all the glory the more he can score/ While the girl can do the same and yet you call her a whore”. Actually, Christina, we’d call you both whores and by the way, you’re the one wearing the bottomless chaps.”

  9. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Have you heard her sing, no I didn’t think so sh*t anybody can sing better than Britney point blank period….sorry that you love Britney so much that you just have to like everything she stands for, its pathetic

  10. Beach_Babe05 says:

    Honestly the album depends on fans… I for one will buy the album because the single doesn’t have to be great but that doesn’t mean the album is great….. don’t judge a book by it’s cover… I am a huge jt fan but I didn’t like LILY on the VMAs or the single in general but the album was kick-ass… you just have to wait and see…. Oh and this lady is paid to make statements like that….. Britney was laying low for awhile and not everything she did was in the tabloids.

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