Britney Tipped Off Madonna About K-Fed Divorce

An insider tells Life & Style Britney Spears reached out to Madonna before announcing she was filing to divorce Kevin Federline. Not having the Material Girl’s current phone number anymore, Britney called Madonna’s publicist Liz Rosenberg in New York. “She just called and said, ‘Can you tell Madonna I called to let her know I filed for divorce?’,” the insider revealed. After the person who answered Britney’s phone call expressed sorrow about the divorce, Spears responded politely in an even tone: “Thank you, but she’ll be thrilled. I wanted to let her know before it hit, but I didn’t have her number in London and wasn’t sure how to reach her if she was in New York.” The full story at has since been removed.

Another Adoption For Brad And Angelina?

November 15, 2006 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Tuesday night, “There are rumors that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting ready to adopt another baby, this time from India. And when Madonna heard about it, she said, ‘I’ll see your Indian baby and raise you two Bolivian toddlers’.”

Madonna’s Odd Outfit

November 15, 2006 – Madonna was photographed sporting a green fake fur puffa jacket, mini dress, maroon shoes, and zip-flare jeans on her way to a London cinema. Check out a picture from TheSun.

Madonna Visits The Gym Wednesday

November 12, 2006 – Madonna was photographed arrives at her gym on Wednesday (November 8) in London, England, despite the fact that her bruise caused by a paparazzo’s camera has come out even more.

Madonna Visits Curzon Cinema

November 12, 2006 – Madonna was photographed going to the Curzon Cinema in London, England on Thursday (November 9). Check out another picture and a report the Material Girl is working with Abba legends Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid ‘Frida’ Lyngstad from The Sun.

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One thought on “Britney Tipped Off Madonna About K-Fed Divorce

  1. divinah says:

    The Corpse and Britney deserve each other. – Both have no singing talent or any talent whatsoever except to generate cheap tabloid stunts. – Both are one-hit wonders. The Corpse never really had a certified hit except for “Like A Virgin” in 1984, and Britney’s only hit so far is “. . . Baby One More Time” in 1998. Hell, those were hits centuries ago! LOL – Both are not taken seriously in the music business. – Both are big losers, not only in their careers, in the game of life.

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