Britney Vs. Christina: Drop = Flop?… Let’s Do The Math

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Being the Britney Spears and fan I am, I hate to see the pathetic bickering here at, but there’s nothing I can do about that. However, being the college math student I am, I wanted to give you all a fair comparison of these artists’ album sales. As you will see, not only has Britney outsold Christina on every album, but that each artist has seen an almost identical percentage drop in sales. This is not another dumb-ass essay of a fan’s opinions, these are facts.

These are the most accurate and up-to-date sales figures I have (collected from multiple sources). If they are incorrect, forgive me, it’s difficult to find official sales figures. If you have PROOF that these figures are wrong, please provide URLs (not to forums or fan sites with people saying how many copies they *think* the albums have sold). Here we go…

Britney Spears:

“…Baby One More Time”
U.S. Only: 13 million
Worldwide: 21 million

“Oops!… I Did It Again”
U.S. Only: 9 million (30% drop)
Worldwide: 19 million (9% drop)
(Two album total: 40 million)

U.S. Only: 5 million (60% drop from “BOMT” – 44% drop from “OIDIA”)
Worldwide: 14 million (33% drop from “BOMT” – 26% drop from “OIDIA”)

GRAND TOTAL: 54 million albums sold

Total sales drop: 60% in the U.S., 33% worldwide

Christina Aguilera:

“Christina Aguilera”
U.S. Only: 9 million
Worldwide: 13 million

U.S. Only: 3 million (66% drop)
Worldwide: 9 million (30% drop)

GRAND TOTAL: 22 million albums sold (However, this comparison is a little unfair considering Britney has released one more album than Christina – unless you want me to count the figures of “Just Be Free” as well. But if Christina had another album released, it would have to be as successful as “Oops!… I Did Again” and “Britney” COMBINED in order to reach Brit’s numbers.)

Total sales drop: 66% in the U.S., 30% worldwide

The only Christina album to outsell one of Britney’s is “Christina Aguilera” which sold more than “Britney” did in the U.S. (but not worldwide). Other than that, every Britney album has done better than any Christina album.

I love BOTH of these artists, that’s why I hate to see you Christina fans make fools of yourselves by calling Britney the “Queen of Flop” when she has outdone Christina every time she has stepped up to the plate. How can you call Britney’s third album a “flop” when it sold more copies worldwide than Christina’s BEST selling album? Hmmm…

Bottom line: Both artists’ sales have dropped (almost equally with 60% vs. 66% and 33% vs. 30%). The difference is, it took three albums for Britney’s sales to drop, but Christina’s sales plummeted after only two albums.

You might say that sales don’t make a difference, you can try to tell me who is better and why, but the fact of the matter is – more people around the world would prefer to have Miss Spears in their CD collection. You can’t argue with that fact. I don’t mean to favor Britney, but it’s the truth.

As for Britney’s future, “Me Against The Music” has already been more successful than some of Britney’s previous singles, and I have no doubt that “In The Zone” will be far more successful than “Britney”, showing steady pre-order sales for a month now, and still weeks to go before its release.

“Stripped” in stores now! “In The Zone” available in November! Give it a chance Christina fans, you might not hate it. ;) Peace.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Vs. Christina: Drop = Flop?… Let’s Do The Math

  1. Cicero says:

    Great post, thanks! I think it’s unfair to compare Christina’s latest album to Britney’s latest album, though. “Stripped” came out when sales were plummeting for everyone. The fairest comparison would be “In the Zone” against “Stripped,” I think. And I thought “Stripped” sold 14 million worldwide? At least I think that’s what I read somewhere.

  2. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    But Christina’s music has substance and is sung with a totally amazing voice! Britney has her looks! I’d rather sell 20 million based on credit than 50 million based on my tits and ass.

  3. JnChrisFan1 says:

    Who cares about who sold more than who, the point is one has more talent than the other but the world doesn’t realize ones talent from the other….they want to see Britney dance around to dumb sh*t half naked than hear Christina’s one of a kind wonderful voice with occasional half nakedness herself dancing, but she sings more than dance cause she wants to be recognized for her voice and not how she dances, that’s the reason why Britney has sold more because she does corny sh*t that people I guess love, for what reason I don’t know Britney Spears is every white girls dream I think they can’t handle Christina she’s to real and speaks her mind. It sounds to me that the person who wrote this is a Britney fan you didn’t have to write who sold more we already know Britney has so you writing what you wrote is pointless what the hell is your point we all know Britney has sold more but how many records you have sold does not make you any better than the other its just the peoples taste in music

  4. breez says:

    I’ve always known that Britney has outsold Christina – BUT THAT IS NOT WHATS IMPORTANT. It all comes down to credibility, substance and talent – all of which Christina seems to have both artists share. Britney has none. Britney may have sold more albums – but out of the people who are not fans of either – the general opinion is that Christina is a far better singer and artist.

  5. ballersfantasy says:

    ^I think some people tend to compare ‘Stripped’ with ‘Oops I Did It Again’ only because its their second albums. (that aren’t Spanish or Christmas) I really think its stupid to compare both in the first place because they are totally different artists with different singing styles.

  6. musikluver says:

    Well… there you go! and you’re right! this was not another dumb-a$s essay of a fanatics opinion! thanks, good job! dam people.. buy the albums and quit trying to get freebies off the internet! these artists work hard in what they do and deserve to get paid just like you and I whether or not they make millions more than we do,, they worked for it! GO BRITNEY!

  7. B0rntoplay says:

    Whoever wrote this is a genius. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know some people dislike Britney, and that’s alright, but they never have their facts straight. So yeah, thanks for setting the records straight. Britney has not flopped, and has outsold Christina along with many other “big” artists.

  8. jdominicanny says:

    To who ever said that Britney dances around naked and Christina sometimes, half naked, you are a total dumbass. Don’t lie to yourself. By the way, just as so many of you say that Britney wish she could ever sing like Christina, so too Christina wishes that she could dance like Britney. Christina is a singer. Britney is a whole package. An entertainer. At the end, those are the ones who last. Could they come up with something new all the time. Not the same stuff like just singing. By the way, it seems like people forgot that dancing is a talent. I wish I could see some of you do the moves Britney does, or dance like her for 30 second. Dumb asses.

  9. breez says:

    And I bet 50% of the people who brought Britney’s album threw it out because they realized how superficial and shallow they are. I have no problem with Britney selling that much – all the more power to her. But the quality of her songs are embarrassing to the millions of airheads that bought them. I bet not even BRITNEY would listen to her awfully hollow and unoriginal songs. She probably cringes every time she hears her own voice it’s so bad. The money Britney, remember, it will get you through! That’s all she’s thinking about.

  10. 90201 says:

    Is it one of your imaginary teachings?

  11. Lynn says:

    BOMT sold 25 million copies worldwide not 21

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