Britney Wears Justin’s Ring To Teen Choice Awards

WENN reports Britney Spears was wearing the $150,000 diamond ring given to her by *NSYNC star Justin Timberlake to the Teen Choice Awards. Britney had originally discarded it after they split, but chose to wear it once more when she knew her ex-boyfriend would see it, as Justin was a presenter at the bash.

Marty Kudelka’s Mom Says No Special Guests For Justin

August 27, 2002 – Marty Kudelka’s mother posted on his official site on Tuesday that she spoke to her son in New York and said that Justin Timberlake’s performance, which her son is dancing and handling choreography for, won’t have any ‘special guests’. Mom writes, “I’ve listened to Justin’s song 3 times now & I am in awe of his talent; as M. said I would be; & everyone else in this world! So,now we just have to wait & see the whole performance; with the dancers–did I mention that Marty will be dancing, too? Yes, a rare appearance as something besides a choreographer.Also, Justin’s already told the public about his Music Video for this song–& yes, Marty did the choreography on that–& YES, he also dancing on it! I know you guys can NOT tell who is the most excited MOM on the planet,can you?”

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2 thoughts on “Britney Wears Justin’s Ring To Teen Choice Awards

  1. Ghetto_chick03 says:

    If I was him, I would ask for the ring back. That’s $150,000 back into my pocket. And the thing is, she wore it because she knew Justin was going to see it. We know she isn’t the smart apple in the bunch. She just wanted to make herself look stupid.

  2. JustNsync27 says:

    This whole Britney and Justin thing just doesn’t make any sense to me but that’s just me and to the people who said Justin went out with Alica Keys that wasn’t true it was a business lunch thing about Justin’s album

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