Britney’s Demands Even Trump Mariah For ‘X Factor’ Appearance

The Mirror reports has demanded that during her appearance on Saturday’s ‘The X Factor’ broadcast, the show’s finalists will be banned from watching her “perform” from the side of the stage, nor will they be allowed to take photos or get her autograph. Spears will also be protected by 45 bodyguards, instead of the usual 15 the show employs.

“It is completely silly. No one has seen anything like it, not even when was on the show,” a source told the British tabloid. “Britney has ordered the use of three dressing rooms. Mariah only wanted two. But it was a coup to get Britney at all, so they’re pandering to her every whim. Simon finds it all hysterical.”

Read more. ITN has their own take on the diva drama… watch it via YouTube below.

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