Britney’s Nyla Partner Bobby Ochs Resigns

The New York Post reports Britney Spears’ partner in her restaurant Nyla, Bobby Ochs, resigned last week, and a lawsuit against Ochs was managed to entangle Britney. Ochs is being sued for $86,000 in back rent by Joseph Z. Morris, the landlord of Ochs’ failed former venture Peaches, which he ran with Marla Maples. Spears was served with a subpoena to testify about Ochs’ financial stake in Nyla, but didn’t show at the deposition last week. Padian fumed, “She didn’t show up, so we’re moving to hold her in contempt of court. We’ve located her several times to serve her again, but she’s always surrounded by a phalanx of bodyguards. We tried to serve her at the Matthew Williamson after-party on Friday night, but she was surrounded by 11 bodyguards. They couldn’t get near her.”

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