Britney’s One Night Stand On Blind Date Plus Justin Love Cheat Admission

News of the World spoke with 21-year-old Tom Witchey who says chatted him up on a blind date—and then took him to her room at the Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara. “I followed her back into her bedroom. She was in a see-through tank top and pyjama bottoms. We started kissing and our clothes just came off at the same time,” Witchey revealed. “I was taken aback by how spontaneous she was. She was definitely in charge but it worked out for both of us. I like to pleasure a girl and she definitely wanted that. But the sex wasn’t anything kinky—no craziness. Just very slow and gentle in the beginning but, once it heated up, it got more intense.” After their sex session, Britney told Ohio-born Tom he was her second one-night stand. “She said she’d slept with another guy and when he left she pretended to be asleep because she felt so embarrassed,” Tom said. “Then she told me about her worst sexual experience, with her dance arranger Wade Robson, which broke up her thing with Justin Timberlake. She said sex with Wade was good and bad because he was really freaky and kinky. Justin found out about the relationship because Wade told him.”

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One thought on “Britney’s One Night Stand On Blind Date Plus Justin Love Cheat Admission

  1. opa says:

    I’m sorry but I hate blind dates. I will not go out on a date with someone I have never met. You can’t trust anyone anymore.

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