Britney’s Rep Says Us Weekly Reads Like A Tabloid

MSNBC spoke with Us Weekly and People following the two entertainment magazine’s competing stories about Britney Spears, which People appears to be the winner, having gotten an interview with Britney. “We broke the Britney and Justin breakup story in March,” says Us editor Bonnie Fuller, “and since then we’ve had a history of not having phone calls or e-mails returned by Britney Spears’s publicist.” That publicist, Lisa Kasteler explained that they chose People because they’ve had better experience with the mag. “[People] seemed to want to do a story that was balanced. The Us magazine story is all conjecture and sources. It reads like a tabloid.”

Note: It should also be noted that Bonnie Fuller is incorrect in saying Us Weekly broke the break-up story. It was actually the New York Post, who poked fun at Fuller for having a copy of the Post in her bag for her message to readers in the very issue (April 1) she’s referring to.

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