Britney’s ‘Toxic’ Clip Makes ‘Cry Me A River’ Look Like Child’s Play

Contributed by GymnastDude182:

MTV News reports that in the Joseph Kahn-directed ‘Toxic’ video, plays a femme fatale who’ll do just about anything to procure a poisonous potion so she can kill her cheating ex, played by actor Martin Henderson. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Britney’s ‘Toxic’ Clip Makes ‘Cry Me A River’ Look Like Child’s Play

  1. eLgato says:

    I guess she’s saying ‘two can play that game.’ I heard Toxic. I admit, I like the song. the description of the video MTV gave doesn’t really seem to go with the song but we’ll just have to wait and see.

  2. AvrilRocks says:

    F**K YEAHHHH its about time tough. kinda lame that Britney does this because she needs to boost album sales just like JT. well they are both pathetic. but I like the concept of Britney killing Justin, I wish this happened in real life though.. Britney, b.itch I’m begging you..DO, IT KILL HIM. I CANT TAKE HIS VOICE NO MORE!!!! lmao rock on

  3. TheAngryPrincess says:

    Hehe, that’s awesome, dude! MATM wasn’t a great video – probably ’cause Madonna was in it – and she hasn’t done a really kick ass video for a while. Totally can’t wait to see this one!

  4. dyin2bfamous says:

    They shouldn’t have done this comparison, it’s not like she’s gonna have a Justin look-alike in the video.

  5. justanotherbitch says:

    Yeah Justin is the ex, but he isn’t the cheating ex.. that is the ho Britney. But anyways, this should be interesting, and I wonder how Justin is goin to react.

  6. CARPEDIEM says:

    Other than the concept of a cheating ex, this video has nothing to do with Justin Timberlake. Martin Henderson doesn’t look anything like Justin. So where are the comparisons coming from. They are just trying to start some mess between Justin and Britney. They refuse to let these two people move on.

  7. Jaggie says:

    martin henderson’s cute, he was the cheating husband in “one hour photo.” btw, didn’t Britney say that it wasn’t her style to put her break up with Justin out there for the whole world to see? her puppetmasters probably pushed her into it.

  8. -SunnyLou- says:

    No… The cheating husband in One Hour Photo was played by Michael Vartan, who is also on the show Alias.

  9. urbaniz3d says:

    its a good song but the video concept. wtf? it has nothing to do with the song. except toxic things are poisonous…but still that doesn’t work.

  10. outrageous4u says:

    why people are associated this videos concept with Justin is beyond me-he has nothing to do with it–no wonder their breakup is still news because people make it that way–once again the video has no Justin look alike and has nothing to do with him

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