Britt Nicole: You’re Worth More Than ‘Gold’

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Britt Nicole is out with behind the scenes footage from the making of her ‘Gold’ music video, shot at Two Rivers Mansion in Nashville. The singer talked about the stories involved in the Josh Forbes directed video, how she can relate to some of their struggles, bullying in school, and the message she wants viewers to take away from the video.

“His treatment was actually the very first one that I read,” Britt said about Forbes. “I feel in love with it. In his treatment, he said something about a mansion where there’s rooms for everyone, and I felt like when I read that, I just connected and related to that. Just feeling like there’s a place where everyone can be and feel welcomed and loved and this is that place today.”

Citing girls with eating disorders and cutting as subjects for the video, Britt said, “It really touches me because I can relate to those girls. I grew up in a broken home and there were a lot of moments in my life where I felt like I didn’t know who I was. I would turn to some of the wrong things to try and figure that out. I feel I can connect with them and can relate to the pain that they feel. I find it pretty amazing that they think they can confide in me and share their stories with me. It really humbled me, and I try to write songs that really can touch that place in their heart where they feel like someone else has been there. I want them to know that they’re not alone.”

Britt Nicole 'Gold'“I think it’s a big deal as a high school student, college student or kids in middle school to want to fit in and to want to be liked, to want to be cool,” Britt explained. “You see bullying a lot happening in the schools and on the internet, so we decided to choose a guy who loves to dance, but maybe his style of dancing isn’t typical. It’s not what people always see, but he comes to the party and he feels like he can be exactly who he is. It’s one of my favorite parts of the video.”

Talking about the message she wants viewers to take away from the video, Britt said, “I hope that it speaks to you and reminds you of who you are, that you are loved, that you are a king, you are a queen, that you’re royalty. You really are the apple of God’s eye and you’re special and I really hope this video reminds you that you’re worth more than gold.”

Watch it via VEVO below.

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