Brooke Fraser Begins Writing Her Third Album

updated fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookefraser) on Tuesday (April 28), talking about how she’s just beginning work on a follow-up to her second album. The New Zealand singer songwriter tells readers:

We released ‘Albertine’ in 2006 in NZ, 2007 in Australia and 2008 in America and toured our hinies off for three years straight. I haven’t exactly been holidaying since we came off of tour at the end of last year, but have been immersed in the very full and wonderful life I live under my married name and also getting in a lot of rest and community time. I basically needed a break from being ‘Brooke Fraser’ for a bit. By the time last year was coming to a close I was well, worn down by crises after crises and the constant wall of noise from certain dogmatic and vocal minorities trying to shove me and the music I make into a claustrophobic category in which I don’t belong. People who think they’re making the “secular” sacred when really they are doing the exact opposite. They ghettoise what is inherently inclusive and want a pat on the back for it.

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