Brooke Fraser Recovers After Month Of Bed Rest & Antibiotics

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace on Saturday (December 20), her first update since abruptly pulling out of the Hotel Cafe Tour due to illness. The New Zealand singer-songwriter tells readers:

Thanks to all of you who sent kind messages of concern and best wishes after I was forced to pull out of the Hotel Cafe tour (which I had really been looking forward to) due to ill health. Turns out when you tour for nine months a year for a few years in a row, eating gas station food, breathing recycled air and not exercising, your body eventually throws a bit of a tantrum to try and shout some sense into you.

Well, thank you body, I got the message loud and clear. A month of bed-rest and a couple of rounds of aggressive antibiotics later, I was recovered enough to head off to Africa for a month, a place you know is close to my heart. Husband and I just returned last week, now I’m in New Zealand for some family time, then I’ll be headed back to Sydney and taking a loooooooonnngggg holiday (at home).

The entire message has since been removed.

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