Brooke Hogan “Didn’t Feel Those Butterflies” Kissing A Girl

revealed the details of her first date with a girl on TV Guide Channel’s ‘Reality Chat’. The ‘Brooke Knows Best’ star also talked about her strained relationship with her mother, turning the tables on her dad Hulk, and cruise adventures. “She was a good kisser, but, I just didn’t feel those butterflies I felt when I kiss a guy,” Hogan said. The interview video at YouTube has since been removed.

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2 thoughts on “Brooke Hogan “Didn’t Feel Those Butterflies” Kissing A Girl

  1. mounir says:

    My name is Mounir. I am from France. Like you too and you are a very good woman and you are very sexy . x

  2. mounir says:

    Where are you born?

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