Brooke Hogan: Do Not Buy Fur

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookehogan) on Tuesday (August 4), directing them to her column at about animal cruelty in the fur trade. Hogan writes:

Please check out my blog for on animal cruelty. These people beat the living hell out of beautiful animals for their fur! It’s wrong to kill an animal for our selfish, materialistic purposes, but even when these a**holes do, they don’t even do it in a humane way! My personal opinion is that the people killing these animals in such a nasty way, with no remorse, should have the same done to them and see how it feels! Let me pick you up by your feet and swing your limp body onto a hard corner of a fence, let me beat the hell out of your skull with a metal rod! IT IS DISGUSTING! They deserve to have their lives taken away! You can TELL they are just doing it for FUN and entertainment, then later they’ll skin them ALIVE and make the fur!!! TERRIBLE! Help me PLEASE! DO NOT BUY FUR! Of course we can’t go over to wherever they are and beat the sh** out of these people who are so cruel (well we could, and I want to, but we are better than that), but we CAN hit them where it hurts and in a spot that will make them STOP doing what they are doing. IN THE WALLET. If we stop buying animal products, they go out of business!!!! Please help me spread the word and win this fight! These animals are just innocent babies who don’t even stand a chance, and can’t stick up for themselves. Imagine yourself in their shoes…

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