Brooke Hogan Excited For Nick’s Release From Jail On Tuesday

updated fans on her blog at MySpace on Monday (October 20) as the pop singer’s brother Nick Hogan is prepared to be released from jail on Tuesday. Nick, 18, has been serving eight months in jail after pleading no contest to reckless driving charges stemming from an car crash in August 2007 that left his best friend, John Graziano, in critical condition. Brooke writes:

Hey you guys…as you all know, my brothers gettin out tomorrow…I can’t even tell you, as a sister, how exciting this is for me! Nick and I are like best friends… and I can’t believe how long I’ve gone without him… Not seeing him for 6 months has been really really hard. He always knows how to make me feel better or make me smile when I need it, and it’s been tough without having him there to hug me just at the right time, or crack a joke when im havin a bad day.

There have been a lot of supporters and a lot of haters that have come up to me and said things that have helped and things that made me feel like I couldn’t make it through another day… Some people wish terrible terrible things on us and say the the most nasty comments that I can’t even repeat on here… It really hurts. I understand people have their own opinion, but most of the people that come up to us don’t know the whole story, or how much we really really love John. It’s really sad, because were not bad people… We’re just going through a really hard time, and so is John’s family. I feel sorry for the people who are misinformed because all they have to go off of is the media, which let’s just face it, is NEVER a reliable source. Even the news, when that should be the most accurate… It’s probably the most far off.

The entire post has since been removed.

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