Brooke Hogan Goes To The Mat For Her Idol Britney Spears

Chaunce Hayden of Steppin’ Out magazine caught up with in a Q&A and asked the budding singer who’s musical footsteps she’d like to follow in. “I know people will really frown upon this, but I have to say is one of the biggest people I look up to,” Hogan responded. “She’s an amazing performer! Her music is just amazing! She’s sold millions of copies of her music and I just love her.” Asked if she felt Britney has self-destructed her own career, Hogan countered, “You know what? And you should print this. Anybody who thinks Britney Spears is going to just fade away and die doesn’t know Britney Spears. I guarantee you that that girl can lose 45 pounds in a month and come back stronger than ever. Knowing Britney, she’s just that kind of person. She’s just driven. Anybody who thinks she can’t do it is dead wrong. Trust me, she’s got it made. She’s happy. She’s got a new baby and I hear she’s got another one on the way. So congratulations to her. Everything in her life may not be perfect, but trust me, that girl has got it together. She could whip it into shape in a month.”

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