Brooke Hogan MySpace Message

Brooke Hogan records a MySpace welcome message posted a video update to her fans on her MySpace TV channel, asking fans to let her know what they think about her “crazy, controversial blogs” at MySpace.

“What’s up guys? Welcome to my MySpace page,” she said. “Make sure to look around check out my pictures, hang out, let me know what you think about my crazy, controversial blogs, because I’m like that. Thanks for stopping by and you guys have fun.”

The brief clip at MySpace can be viewed below.

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2 thoughts on “Brooke Hogan MySpace Message

  1. marjinal97 says:

    Brooke, you’re really too good, so I’d like you eat your t*ts. contact me and you will not regret it. I am a good little French …

  2. just a lover says:

    hi baby I like you very much I wish I am by yer side now

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