Brooke Hogan Reacts To Her Critics spoke with in a Q&A, asking the reality star and singer what has been the hardest for her to read or hear about either herself or her family this past year. “Um, honestly, no matter what kind of trouble my mom and I are going through, it’s always hard to hear people make fun of her and I will be the first one to jump to her defense when somebody is disrespectful,” Hogan said. “But it’s hard because you know I’ve heard everything that people have to say about me. Of course, they think that I’m too tall or I’m fat or skinny or this or that, and it’s just, they have a million things to say about me. But when they say things about my family or the people that I love is when it hurts my feelings because it’s like, I look at it this way, I am lucky to have two arms and two legs that work. You know, some people aren’t that lucky and it’s just shallow of people to go at someone like that. And that’s pretty much how I feel about that, hah!” Read more.

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