Brooke White Reflects On Eventful 2008

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookewhite) on Tuesday (December 30), reflecting on 2008 and discussing her plans for 2009. The ‘American Idol’ season seven finalist tells readers:

There is one more day left in the year 2008…. absolutely unbelievable. I think it is safe to say this has been one of the most, if not the most eventful year of my life. In some ways it’s hard to believe that the last 364 days have come and gone as quickly as it seemed, and it other ways, it seems like certain parts of it were ages ago. It was just around this time last year that we were quite literally gearing up to do the show… all the feelings of anxiousness, anticipation, trepidation and excitement of what was to come. Wow, it’s a good thing I had no idea, maybe I would have backed out, as there is nothing that can adequately prepare you for that experience. However that being said, I would definitely do it again if I had to. It was fun, and it was hard. Now I think about those people who are about to embark on that journey, I certainly wish them well and give them this bit of encouragement… hang on.

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