Brooke White Returns Home, Takes A Break

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@brookewhite) on Sunday ( 28) after wrapping up the American Idols Live Tour 2008 and returning home to Hollywood. White writes:

Well it was two weeks ago today that I was sitting on an airplane that departed from Tulsa, Oklahoma, anxiously looking out of the window as we flew over Laurel Canyon just moments before landing in Burbank, California. As we touched down on the runway I could hardly believe it was true. Could I really be home?!? I walked down the steps from the plane into the warm California sunshine and just as a nice breeze passed by and blew my hair around… I through my hands in the air let out a big “YAY!!!!” No words could describe my happiness at the moment… kind of like Christmas Morning… Kind of like walking down Main street at Disneyland with a churro in hand… Kind of like eating Eggs Benedict on my birthday kind of happiness. Maybe this means nothing to you, but basically I’m trying to say it was indeed very joyful… as well as I walked to baggage claim to see Dave just smiling there in his church clothes all ready to pick me up and take me home. I rolled down the windows in the car and turned up the radio… amazing!

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