Bryan McFadden Explains Westlife Exit

Radio 1 reports that in a news conference held Tuesday, Bryan McFadden explained why he’s leaving Westlife. “It’s very very hard to juggle the two lives. When you’ve got a family and being in a band like Westlife, it is a huge commitment,” he said. “For the last year, especially since Lily was born, I haven’t been able to commit 100% to and I haven’t been able to commit 100% to my family, so I kind of felt it was unfair on both and felt it was the right time for me to stand back.”

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25 thoughts on “Bryan McFadden Explains Westlife Exit

  1. angela says:

    why?? did you quit?? oh god!! I really like you… it’s a wasteful… if I were you?… go back on that group…. please….

  2. tamara says:

    ..i really love seeing the five of you singing together…realizing you’re no longer around,really feels like a loss…

    ..but, I’m still hoping you’d be coming back…

    more power and God bless!!

  3. Richard says:

    Don’t Quit When things Go Wrong…

  4. ashley says:

    why should you quit ? I really like your songs with the other Irish boys. every concert you have I came . I got the hat you threw when you sang world of our own … whenever I hear the song queen of my heart , it makes me remember you …
    i hope that you can go back to Westlife
    always be strong , never give up and god bless you and your family
    ~ Ashley ~

  5. ashley says:

    why should you quit ?
    I really like it when you were in Westlife.
    every concert , I was always there . I got the bottle , the hat and the towel.i really hope you were still in Westlife.
    every time I hear queen of my heart , I always remember you .
    if I were you, I will be back to Westlife .
    always be strong , never give up and god bless you and your family
    ~ Ashley ~

  6. abcde says:

    but then he left his wife -.-

  7. jellyvel salomsom says:

    now we understand you…………….just put in mind that you will always be a part of Westlife forever…… in our hearts……………………………..take care

  8. irish jane panugan says:

    hi. . huhuhu. .how sad your my idol among the five ..but its ok, , the important thing is that you are happy, , ,god bless

  9. mark says:

    please.. come back..

  10. shane fernandez says:

    that’s okay, if you think you are happy on your decision then it’s up to you. But I really felt sad when you left your group because you are my favorite among them all. I miss you so much. Take care always and I hope someday you will be reunited with the rest of the Westlife group. Love You!!!

  11. Richard says:

    don’t quit
    i really like it when you were in Westlife, really love seeing the five of you singing together….. please go back to the group

  12. Musa kabir nigeria says:

    Everything that has a beginning must always have an end. And also everybody is entitled to their own decision, hope you have tangible one for yours Brian? I miss your voice with Westlife group

  13. gli@westlife4eVeR says:

    i am really hoping of seeing Westlife complete again ,,with Bryan on stage and singing there song UPTOWN GIRL,, I so much miss those days they were together :(

  14. ron says:

    please Bryan ….go back to the group….

  15. chukwuka says:

    Brian’s voice is always moving me. I wish Westlife can be just like an unshakeable rock. He was my favorite. Luv you Brian.

  16. rose ann says:

    I really really love Westlife especially you… I’m really a diehard fan… Please go back to your band.

  17. rose ann says:

    I felt so sad when I heard that you’re gone from the group…. You know what if you really love your fans… you should listen to them…take care and god bless you always…..

  18. lans says:

    Bryan McFadden go back to your group please from your Philippines fans

  19. lheng14 says:

    Please come back to the group Bryan,..we really miss you,.. :( .. Please

  20. 6cdhai says:

    oh my God! Bryan you are the best among the group. u are my favorite, because u are so handsome. why did you quit? its hard to admit but that’s your own decision, we cannot felt you back. but please,think more Bryan.. many people who admire you, who proud of you the way you sing a meaningful, beautiful and inspirational songs. and i am your no.1 fan.. ever. GOD BLESS!!. hope you can decide well. take care.

  21. franliciazez says:

    I understand your reason. Family is everything. Miss you but you’ve got your life to live….

  22. Glory says:

    When I heard the story that your dead and gone I shed tears even up till today but when I login this page I realize that it wasn’t true that you’re no longer in the group. Bryan please come back to the group becos of your fans. I’ve been to all your performance your is captivating. If you think your making a good decision fine cos you can’t please others and dis please yourself. God bless you and your family but always remember that your always on my mind and heart. Love uuuuuuuu

  23. Sima says:

    Somebody told me you are dead checked and saw dead and gone I checked again found you left the group I was shocked I would love to see you as westlife one love

  24. ujaama segano says:

    I really wish u can cum back 2 westlife I really like u der

  25. titogibs says:

    Family an band you have to choose one we know. No one will say you chose wrong, but not withstanding we still feel the band is incomplete just as Backstreet Boys puts it. All the best man, an if you have a second chance west life 4life. Good luck. Titogibs

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