Bryan McFadden Fumes Over Lapdancer Fallout

The Sunday Mirror caught up with the guys from before their greatest hits album drops on Monday. Bryan McFadden complained how his life has been since the reports he had bedded a lapdancer came out, branding him a cheater to wife Kerry Katona. “Ever since this bullsh** started about the lap dancer every fu**ing paper has turned me into an alcoholic womanizer,” he says in disgust, furiously puffing on his umpteenth cigarette. “The joke of it is, he drinks the least out of all of us,” Kian says, protectively. “And the worst thing was,” Bryan continues, “two weeks later they took a photo of me in the car with my little sister and the headline in the paper in Ireland read: ‘He’s at it again.’ I was sitting there thinking ‘Oh My God!’ People who know me know she’s my sister, but what about the people who don’t? They’ll think I’m a wanker.”

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