Bryan McFadden Wants To Quit Westlife

The Daily Star reports star Bryan McFadden wants to quit the band so he can become a TV presenter with wife Kerry McFadden. “Bryan is desperate to leave and is seriously thinking of walking out any day now, but really wants to set himself up with a few possibilities for TV first,” a source revealed. “He’s fed up with the pop star lifestyle now that’s he’s a dad and he and Kerry are looking around at the moment for telly jobs they can do together. He’s grown up a lot over the past year and is expecting a second child. He has enjoyed himself immensely in Westlife, but feels now is the right time to move on.”

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20 thoughts on “Bryan McFadden Wants To Quit Westlife

  1. ladielou says:

    Somebody told me why Brian McFadden left Westlife
    because Westlife send him a message
    “you’ve change “

  2. patricia carney says:

    I would like to say something about my favorite member of Westlife Bryan McFadden I don’t think he should leave the band at all I strongly feel he should stay a bit longer Bryan and mark are very close and it is really sad for Bryan to go I think mark was really hurt and devastated with Bryan leaving Westlife he was really crushed and heartbroken with his departure I feel so sorry for mark and it breaks my heart to watch him suffer through that awful heartache of losing his best friend in the group when mark opened up to Bryan telling him he was gay there was no negative comments from him he had known mark for a long time in the band and they had remained close friends since mark came out and announced his long term relationship to Kevin McDaid his partner in the UK tabloid sun newspaper his friends Bryan Shane Kian and Nicky had been really supportive of mark coming out ON THE 19th AUGUST 2005 MARK ANNOUNCED THAT HE WAS GAY AND IS IN A LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP WITH PARTNER KEVIN McDAID – WHO WAS IN THE BOYBAND V. His family had been so supportive of their son coming out and he said to his his dad that he was gay all of his female fans had been really supportive of him Bryan left on the eve of Westlife’s world tour and had dropped a bombshell on the guys saying he is the leaving the band but despite their major fall outs and bitter bust ups they had been a great band through the years Kian was really heartbroken and devastated with Bryan leaving the group and had really wanted him to stay so much please Bryan don’t go stay with Westlife they need you back with then poor Kian was pouring his heart out reading a heartfelt letter at a press conference in Dublin and he was in tears crying reading it it is all very emotional for him Shane mark and Nicky I love you Bryan I miss your voice please come back to Westlife you are still my favorite member of the band I am your biggest number one fan

  3. Shane says:

    ..Hey!! Bryan..why did you quit from Westlife..?? That’s so sad.. is there a chance for you to come back to the group again??

  4. Shane says:

    You know Bryan? your my favorite among the group,so please come back,, uhm anyway I have nothing to do about it anyway,,you had decided already of what you are going to do,just remember that whatever decisions you make I’m just right here for you, AJa Bryan!!you can do can surpass all endeavors..

  5. romeo says:

    let’s support his decision, Shane is still in the group, he can still raise the band I’ll support you guys..

  6. jellyvel salomsom says:

    We will definitely miss you…………………..
    please come back.

  7. jham says:

    Hi.. someone tell that Bryan dead!!!!
    It’s that true?

  8. Dhavid Ben Trinidad says:

    I hope Bryan realize that he love his bandmates much.. I rally love this band ever.. just keep it up.

  9. ashly says:

    I really love your band.. So Bryan, please come back to the band……..

  10. ashly says:

    I really love your band.. so Bryan, please come back to the band…

  11. tracy says:

    Please Bryan don’t leave the band because we already miss you…you are ever my favorite among the group.
    missing your voice.

  12. nelly says:

    You’ve always been the best on the band.
    Please don’t leave….

  13. meldred says:

    oh my god..the first time I heard the news that Bryan left Westlife.. I was so shocked.. I can’t even imagine why? Until now I’m not yet convince that he forgotten Westlife. I really miss Bryan..

  14. rowelyn says:

    oh my gush… my mother told me Brian left Westlife im very shocked i cant imagine why?…
    UNTIL NOW I’m not yet convince that he forgotten Westlife
    Brian please come back on Westlife

  15. jean says:

    please dont leave your croup….

  16. jean says:

    please dont leave your group…

  17. jean says:

    we regret that you live your group…

  18. betty says:

    bryan I’m glad u are happy with what u are doing. I saw Westlife during a concert in London and they were just four of them, so I asked a friend that where is my bryan and she told me that u decided to leave cus of ur wife. Bryan i miss your smile with the sexy dimples you have. I miss u in ‘I lay my love on you and uptown girl’ pls come back Bryan. I saw mark shedding tears in a TV programme when he started talking about you. pls come back…. shane cant sing alone

  19. shantel says:

    Bryan please come back to the group, you guys have come a long way and I know your colleague must be going through trauma of your absence especially mark your best friend. You are my favorite

  20. ogbodo chukwuebuka says:

    I should’ve advice that Bryan goes back to the band at least for Shane’s sake, but one thing is for sure- no happening is without a purpose. Perhaps, it may be an avenue to bring out the best in Shane. So I would that the band group carry on with courage. There blues have been and will remain a blessing in the sand of time. More time…

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