Bryan Spears Turns 25 — And Dresses Up Like Pimp

Lynne Spears posted a new update on Friday to mark the 25th birthday of her son Bryan. Lynne gushed about her “hunky heartthrob” after the New York Post gave him that moniker saying, “I suspect he loves the title. Don’t get me wrong, I would never say one of my children is vain, but as anyone in my family will tell you, Bryan likes to look good.” Lynne adds, “Ever since Britney and I have been on a health kick, Bryan seems to have stepped up his own routine, sometimes working out in the morning and even at night! He’s quite the ‘hunk.'” Still, Lynne isn’t on a push to bring her son into the spotlight insisting. “Although Bryan isn’t interested in being in the spotlight or achieving fame, I do think he has a touch of Hollywood style in him.”

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