Bummed Nick Carter Faces Nightclub Ban

Star magazine reports that and her pals have talked to club promoters to have Paris’ ex-boyfriend Nick Carter banned from the most popular L.A. clubs – including Joseph’s, Prey, Concorde and Spider Club. “Some people think Nick roughed Paris up, and they are angry at him because she’s a nice girl,” a pal revealed. “Plus, he also got into an argument with Wilmer on another night at Spider Club. Everyone would rather have Paris and her sexy friends at their clubs than Nick.” Adds the friend, “Nick is pretty bummed that he’s going to have trouble going to some of his favorite places in L.A., so he’s going to be spending more time in Miami.”

And Fred Durst Make Out

September 5, 2004 – Contributed anonymously: I was in Vegas on a short vacation for the past few days and we went to the Hard Rock Hotel on Saturday (September 4). We walked out of the hotel gift shop and we saw Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst and Paris Hilton talking. We waited to try and get a picture and Fred looked at me, locked eyes with me with no talking for about 15 seconds and said “Are you going stare all day?”. So I just walked away. I really just wanted to see his Kurt Cobain tattoo but looking back he is everything Kurt Cobain would hate. So we walked away and ran into them as Paris was getting into her limo. They were making out for a good 10 minutes right outside of the hotel. Pictures at midwestfilmers.bizland.com have since been removed.

Aguilera’s Girl-On-Girl Action Draws Paris Hilton Interest

August 31, 2004 – The New York Daily News has more news on Christina Aguilera’s lesbian antics after the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami on Sunday night (August 29). Aguilera got her girl-on-girl groove on at the party Tommy Puccio threw in the Raleigh Hotel. “Christina was leaning back in a director’s chair while the girls danced between her fishnets,” a witness revealed. “She even hitched her ankles up on one of her girlfriend’s shoulders.”

The action got heiress Paris turned on apparently. “Paris clearly wanted to get in on this,” the spy added. “She sat next to Christina, who dropped her three girlfriends and put her arm around Paris, who leaned into the crook of her neck.”

Paris Hilton And Christina Aguilera ‘Make Out’ After VMAs

August 30, 2004 – The New York Post reports that following the MTV Video Music Awards in Miami on Sunday night (August 29), Paris and Christina “suddenly started making out” at the Virgin Cola/Body English lounge at the Raleigh Hotel’s rooftop party in the small hours of Monday morning.

Paris Hilton And Nick Carter: Is It Really Over?

August 23, 2004 – Despite their messy breakup with allegations of physical abuse, a source says that Nick and Paris are still in contact with each other. “It seems as if when they are not partying, that hate each other, but when they have a few drinks they are in love,” a friend of Carter’s revealed to Star magazine. “They’ve had a volatile relationship from the start. They were talking even after the fight [last week] and are on the phone constantly.” The source added, “Until one of them finds someone else, they’ll still run into each other because they’ll keep going to the same clubs to see each other. I have no doubt they’re going to hook up again.”

Paris Hilton Comments On Nick Carter

August 21, 2004 – Us Weekly reports that Paris visited the Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, New York on August 13th, and amongst the questions she asked from the kids was her thoughts on ex-lover Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. “I think I could have done better,” Hilton said of her ex.

Paris Hilton & Battle Over Who Gets ‘Screwed’

August 21, 2004 – E! Online reports of the escalation of the face off between Paris and Haylie over who gets rights over the single ‘Screwed’. The two are set to go to court in a legal battle over it. Duff and her camp are claiming they already have rights over the song seen as she recorded it 2 years ago in preparation for her launch of her pop career, where as Paris Hilton only recorded it more recently. “Haylie has the first rights to record and release the song from the writers and their publisher,” says Duff’s publicist, Allison Leslie. But Paris’ publicist Gina Hoffman tells E! that, in fact, “the rights to the song are still undetermined.”

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9 thoughts on “Bummed Nick Carter Faces Nightclub Ban

  1. Pheobe says:

    Hmm, if only this were true. Nick should be banned from anywhere he may come into contact with women. There’s nothing worse than a violent man, especially one his size.

  2. BeautifulStrangers says:

    I doubt this is true. Who would be that petty to ban someone from every hot spot in LA? And who has that kind of power? I doubt Paris Hilton does, she may be the “it” girl but I don’t this at all.

  3. JLOVER101 says:

    What? You’re obviously really stupid then. She can do that and then some, you obviously have no idea what club politics are like. ANYONE can be denied entrance into ANY establishment with or WITHOUT merit.

    Wow, some of you people are killing me with “she doesn’t have the power?” What power? When did power become an issue in the club world? In any case she would have more “power” than that slob……..Secondly, all you have to do is know the right people and talk to them, and Paris practically grew up in these clubs. His butt better stay away from Miami too, because I can make a few calls to the Opium Garden, Space, Level, SkyBar, Mansion, CroBar even the god-damned laundry bar if he starts pestering the beautiful Miami scene with his fat presence.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    I’m sorry, but Paris doesn’t have that much pull….. I don’t think Nick EVER enjoyed the nightlife THAT much and the only reason he “did” was because he was with her….a nightlife guru whore who lives and thrives on that and publicity! IF she’s done that, I doubt he’s bummed about it. Besides, he’s starting to promote the album, he’s gonna be on a world tour soon….he’s not gonna have time for that

  5. MissBeehaven says:

    If she is hanging at the “hot” spots that helps the clubs out. I am sure she has spent tons of cash there so they are going to take care of her. That is how it works.

  6. milasmine says:

    I just wanted to wish all the Nick lovers well and to please keep supporting him!’, ‘I can no longer come on here when a person I considered a virtual friend has been so unkind towards me and Nick, when he himself defended him. What Paris is doing is wrong, if indeed Nick is innocent. I would love nothing more than for them to make amends and at least be friends…Is that not possible for two people that supposedly loved each other ??? I guess when friends can not be friends, lovers gone wrong would have a hard time at being friends again too. I just can no longer tolerate the utter hate that goes on here for no reason, except the soullessness of people and the childless of having nothing better to do. I have been unkind towards Paris, but everything points to her being somewhat guilty in what happened, rather than complete innocence. Hate breeds hate, negativity breeds negativity and when I get on here I can feel the anger and I would prefer to be happy and look forward to BSB and a new album, than waste anymore time hating the haters, which makes me no better and losing friends. I no longer believe a thing JLOVER ever said to me, he is just a Paris Hilton fan and nothing more. That does not lessen the hurt, I really liked you JLOVE and cared about your damn ass. Sorry Nick I tried defending you on here, but outside of this “box”, which has no purpose in life, I will always love and support you and believe in you… “My family, friends and fans know my character…” Nick Carter 08-03-04

  7. JLOVER101 says:

    Unfortunately, Paris gets a lot more press time than Nick these days and everyone wants to hang where Paris goes. It’s done wonders for a few places and everyone knows that. So they are probably more than willing to conform to her stipulations than his. There has been many a celebrity banned from clubs, because these clubs usually cater to more than one celeb. I could see if that was the only celeb to ever set foot inside the damn place, but he’s not. So, it’s not that hard to conceive.

    What? The truth and reality of it all is that if you know the right people you can’, ‘achieve just that. I’ve grown up surrounded by these people, my uncles went to school with some of the owners of the clubs, I am in Miami at least 3 weekends out of the month and am always with a substantially large group of people, and know the owners kids, and their friends, and the owners, and party with them ’til the wee hours in the morning every weekend. So, who the heck are you to tell me what it is I can’t do. All I have to do is pick up the phone and it’s done. Or better yet stop going somewhere altogether and when the phone calls pour in tell them why. THAT my friend is the way the world works, not your idea of the real world.

  8. anonymus says:

    Hopefully fans of BSB and especially Nick Carter came together outside a club of those, wait to come out of the local Hilton Paris and gave him a beating ….. So learn what Paris Hilton is to give you a fat pitch beating learn never to harm another person free to whim ….. There is more than a garbage man.

  9. anonymus says:

    I am also angry at what these developers are idiots, it seen that money can buy everything, including you kiss his ass ……. To me, this girl makes me sad, frankly, is worthless as a person and human being is mediocre, and most poor are the people who call themselves “friends of Paris Hilton.”

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