Busted’s Charlie Says Britney’s Bob Looks Like A Dog

The guys from were interviewed on Top of the Pops and were asked, “You’re in a nightclub chatting to Sarah Whatmore. She obviously likes you and starts to get a little frisky. When she pops off to the bar, comes along and asks you to walk her home. What would you do?”

Charlie: Britney looks like a dog at the moment, I’d easily go off with Sarah!
Matt: Charlie’s really not going for the bobbed brunette at the moment. [Laughs]
Charlie: Yeah it’s really not doing anything for me!
Matt: I’d still go with Britney though!
James: Definitely!
Matt: You’d have to go and make your excuses to Sarah though. Something like…’your mum’s cooking has given me a gyppy belly!’

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One thought on “Busted’s Charlie Says Britney’s Bob Looks Like A Dog

  1. Chaz13 says:

    I always thought she always looked like a dog lol Charlie U R GORGEUS!! <333333333 XX love you

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