Cady Groves Fires Back At Internet Gossip

checked in with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves) early Monday to dispute comments made about her relationship with Stephen Jerzak. The mullet wearing singer songwriter tells readers:

Haha just saw my duet with Stephen on @strikegently people saying I fu**ed my way to fame and lie about my life story? I have NOTHING to hide, in fact have I ever NOT been open about something with everyone? I have had sex with 2 different people in my entire life and I am 21. So fu** that. And ALSO.. it said that Stephen and I dated and I cheated on him? We have never dated. Therefore I never cheated on him. Nor would I ever cheat on anybody ever. Cheating is the dumbest thing and I care way to much, even about strangers than to ever hurt another human being because I know how it feels to be hurt. Bringing me to my last point. How can you say I’m lyin about MY life story? It’s MY story dickbag. I had a fu**ed up life before and I don’t even like talking about it and everyone asks so I say the bare minimum. Just thought I’d set this straight. Thank you to all of who know who I really am. I got to this place because I worked my ass off. The people who let me sleep on their floor at the end of me trying to do this right before this actually happened for me know that I didn’t fu** anyone or do anything other than work to get what I got. I really don’t care though. Keep talking. I love those of you who have something better to do than attack someone who wants to be your friend. Regardless, I love every one of you.

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