Cady Groves Recovering From An Infection

checked i with her Twitter followers (@cadygroves), where the singer songwriter talked about getting her wisdom teeth pulled and getting an infection apparently in the process. Groves writes:

So I got an infection so I’ve been passed out for a couple days, BUT I would just like to say….

Chocolate & peanut butter ice cream mixed with raspberry sorbet is either the best or worst invention I JUST made. Like a sandwich with Nutella?

Don’t worry guys I’m gonna be okay! My dentist rescued me. I told you his family and I were BFFs! He saved me at like 3 in the morning!

I mean – I’ll be a lot more comfortable at life once my face isn’t the size of a house but the antibiotics are in full effect.

@IamIsaacn11 I got my wisdom teeth pulled!

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