Calling Shakira A Sell-Out Is Wrong

Gustavo Arellano of OC Weekly insists that those who brand Shakira a sell-out because she shifted from singing in her native Spanish to cross over into the English speaking big money market are wrong.

“Her former fans don’t care about the facts: she’s now singing in English and therefore must be ignored,” he said. “But to revile her for choosing to sing in another language is jingoistic at best and stupid at worst. Despite a shaky debut, Shakira has limitless talent and will likely be as groundbreaking in English as she was in Spanish. Maybe she didn’t switch to English simply to make more money (her Pepsi sponsorship, on the other hand…). She deserves the benefit of our doubt: that her career can only improve by singing in English.”

Shakira Excited To Kick Off Tour Of The Mongoose

November 8, 2002 – Shakira spoke to MuchMusic about her Tour Of The Mongoose which kicks off Friday in San Diego. “I’m very excited, because I feel that this is exactly what I was needing, what I was feeling an urgency for. Just to go on the road and encounter my fans,” Shakira said. “I think everything is going to change from now on. Even my relationship with my anglo fans which just started a year ago that is just starting to grow and develop. And the tour for sure is really essential for that to happen.”

Shakira Thinks She’s Her Own Thing

October 11, 2002 – Mim Udovitch of Rolling Stone magazine spoke with Shakira for their Women In Rock issue, which the singer also appears on the cover alongside Britney Spears and Mary J. Blige. Asked if there are contemporary artists with whom she felt she should be grouped with, Shakira responded, “There can be things in common that I have with other artists. I can play the guitar like Alanis, and I can have the hair color of Britney and, yeah, I have a Latin butt like J.Lo. But that doesn’t mean that I’m one thing or the other. I think I have my own thing that even I don’t know how to describe.”

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5 thoughts on “Calling Shakira A Sell-Out Is Wrong

  1. opl says:

    I like her music, whether she sings in Spanish or English.

  2. PAO says:

    I really liked how she sings, but in my opinion her songs had more meaning when she was getting stared

  3. J says:

    I don’t think she’s a sell out because she crossed over in language, I LOVE it when artists do that, I just think she’s a sell out because in the beginning she was more rockish and her lyrics had meaning. Now she’s all pop and her voice no longer sounds natural; it sounds computerized kinda like the way Britney Spears sings.

  4. random rant says:

    She simply doesn’t bring it like she used to back like when before she “crossed over” any one who truly listened to the lyrics and music she made before then would see that it was genuine and heartfelt. Everything that came with laundry service on and newer just hasn’t been real its just been selling out, I’m not going to lie there is a song or two that are decent one the new albums but what she came was an awesome indie sound but lately all that’s come from her can only be labeled as “pop”. I face palmed today when I heard on the radio Shakira’s new song with Lil Wayne… I personally don’t like the sound of Lil’ Wayne’s voice or the lack of lyrical effort provided on Shakira’s part and I find it just terrible on top of the fact that she is selling her sex appeal with music, she is sexy but before she made made art and didn’t expose her body to make a sale. If you have any doubt that its not selling out just watch that video “give it up to me” and then find the video of her MTV unplugged performance from start to finish and then tell me she isn’t selling out, IMO most of the songs she performed that night were better than even the original album versions. There is tons more I could say but at the end of the day if after watching her unplugged performance you can’t tell the difference then you fail at deduction Sherlock Holmes because I doubt that she will ever produce another album like her pre-English albums.. at the end of the day its just not the same, its a real shame it really is..

  5. elena says:

    Shakira is not a sell out for singing in English and wanting a bigger audience for her music- especially if she wants to be a role model. She is however, a sell out for changing her race from Arabic to white (father is an ethnic Lebanese NOT a white Lebanese and her mother is Italian/Catalan- also mixed). Go onto YouTube and type in “Tus gafas oscuras” and watch the picture slide show then watch a video of hers called “La isla bonita” where she performs as a young child- she looks as dark as Halle Berry for crying out loud! Then she allows them to make a white Britney-style Barbie doll supposedly in her image?! No. Learning another language is not selling out it is educating yourself. Changing your identity for fame is at best selling out and at worst, racist. Do not comment on this until you have watched a few of her early videos on Youtube- you will be very surprised at how much she has changed.

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