Calum Convinces Britney To Visit Lindsay At Promises

The Daily Star reports Calum Best has reportedly persuaded Britney Spears to visit his girlfriend at Promises rehab in Malibu to help the troubled 20-year-old to settle in. “Calum was quite brave calling Britney as he only met her briefly a few years ago but when her people told her he’d been in contact, she was happy,” a source explained. “Calum said he was worried that Lindsay would be so lonely at Promises that she wouldn’t benefit from the treatment at all. Britney’s now in such a good place that she said she’d be happy to visit and to introduce Lindsay to some of her friends there.”

Lauren Hastings Wishes The Best In Rehab

After posting evidence she claims of stealing some of her clothes as well as messages sent from the singer/actress to her via BlackBerry, and after failing to get criminal charges against Lindsay, model Lauren Hastings posted a video message at Buzznet, offering her best wishes to the 20-year-old and and some advice. Hastings also shared some personal experiences regarding the Hollywood scene.

Video at has since been removed.

Lindsay Lohan Pals Call DUI Bust A ‘Wake-Up Call’

Friends and family tell People magazine they hope Lindsay Lohan’s second time in rehab is the charm. “The police intervening is a wake-up call,” one remarked. “This could be the best thing for her. I think she’ll have to do a real rehab this time, and not just a Hollywood rehab.” Another pal added, “Everyone has tried to step in. You can’t make someone get help unless they want to.” Read more.

Lindsay Lohan Myspace Updates

Lindsay Lohan has updated her MySpace page, adding top friends that include designer Marc Jacobs, Brittney Gastineau, and Charlotte Ronson. Lohan also added the Pure poster for her 21st birthday bash, lending credibilty to news she doesn’t want the Las Vegas bash scrapped. Lohan removed her apology posting, instead leaving a quote from Albert Einstein: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Update: has since been found to be fake.

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